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Nevada Housing Justice Alliance On Governor Lombardo’s Misguided Housing Crisis Letter


Wednesday, March 20, 2024


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Nevada Housing Justice Alliance On Governor Lombardo’s Misguided Housing Crisis Letter


Las Vegas, Nev. — Today, Governor Joe Lombardo announced that his administration sent a letter to the Biden Administration, imploring them to sell off Nevada’s sacred public lands in a misguided effort to address the housing crisis through endless urban sprawl. This letter to the administration comes after last legislative session, when Governor Lombardo chose to veto multiple bills that would curb the housing crisis in Nevada, including: 


  • Senate Bill 78: Tenant Protections for predatory application process, hidden fees, and security deposits
  • Assembly Bill 298: Tenant Protections for hidden fees and a rent stabilization pilot program for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Senate Bill 335: Protection from eviction for tenants with pending rental assistance application and eviction diversion programs
  • Assembly Bill 340: Repeals the summary eviction process to require the landlord to file first with the court, reversing the original process that put the burden on tenants.
  • Senate Bill 371: Grants counties and cities the ability to enact measures relating to affordable housing.


On the heels of those vetoes, Governor Lombardo continues to pass the buck to the White House while foregoing in-state options that threaten to anger his largest donor, billionaire Robert Bigelow. 


Meanwhile, President Biden announced plans to curb the housing crisis, bring down costs for renters and break down barriers to homeownership while speaking in Las Vegas this week.


Ben Iness, Coalition Coordinator, Nevada Housing Justice Alliance:

“Governor Lombardo’s open plea to President Biden is myopic and shows his complete unwillingness to respond to Nevada’s housing crisis in a meaningful and lasting way. Instead of protecting tenants from exploitive fees and predatory landlords, setting proactive, protective limits to the exorbitant rent increases Nevada Tenants experience, or ending our rapid, inhumane eviction-to-unhoused pipeline, Lombardo instead chooses to do nothing (if not outright obstruction). Continued sprawl and the narrow belief that our crisis is merely an issue of supply and demand means that Nevada communities, families, and children will continue to suffer. We look forward to the day our Governor takes accountability in this crisis and shows courage and creativity opposed to feeble misdirection.”


Laura Martin, Executive Director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, said:

“Joe Lombardo can’t hide behind bland statements and pay-per-view softball interviews in front of his donors. He has no plan to address Nevada’s housing crisis now, and he didn’t last summer when he vetoed multiple housing bills that would have addressed affordable housing. While Joe Lombardo is busy endorsing twice impeached, 91 times indicted Donald Trump, and recruiting MAGA candidates to run for the legislature, we will continue monitoring eviction court, organizing with tenants, and fighting to keep Nevadans housed.”


Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said:

“More sprawl isn’t the answer to Nevada’s housing crisis and Joe Lombardo knows that. He’s using the housing crisis to pass the buck, blaming the federal government for his own administration’s failures and carrying water for his wealthiest donors. Our public lands are not commodities to be sold off for short-term gain. Contrary to the Governor’s beliefs, the designation of the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument did not create the housing crisis — corporate greed and untamed landlords did. Governor Lombardo’s attempt to shift the burden onto the federal government is a cowardly evasion of his duty to govern effectively and protect the interests of our citizens. Instead of passing the buck, we urge Governor Lombardo to work collaboratively with local stakeholders, housing experts, and community leaders to develop comprehensive, sustainable solutions that address the root causes of the housing crisis and ensure affordable housing for all Nevadans. The time has come and gone for Governor Lombardo to demonstrate true leadership by prioritizing the needs of our communities over political expediency and taking meaningful action to confront the housing crisis head-on. This is just the latest in a string of betrayals of the trust placed in him by the people of our state.”


Taylor Patterson, Executive Director of Native Voters Alliance, said:

“We are appalled and infuriated by Governor Lombardo’s blatant disregard for our sacred lands and his catastrophic mismanagement of the housing crisis. The audacity to blame the housing crisis on the protection of Avi Kwa Ame is not just wrong; it’s a flagrant distortion of reality. It’s clear that Governor Lombardo’s loyalties lie not with the people of Nevada, but in the overflowing pockets of greedy slumlords and property barons who fill his campaign coffers. This isn’t mere ineptitude; it’s a deliberate sell-out of our rights, our homes, and our heritage. We’re not fooled by your scapegoating, Governor. We see the truth: your actions aren’t just failing Nevada; they’re actively dismantling the foundations of our communities for profit. Your vetoes speak louder than your empty promises, selling out Nevadans’ homes for a quick buck. This isn’t governance; it’s a garage sale of our rights and resources.”


For Our Future Nevada State Director Gariety Pruitt said: 

“Try as he might, Governor Lombardo cannot shift the blame. Nevada’s current housing crisis lands squarely at his feet. Sprawling even further into the desert away from good-paying jobs will not make housing more affordable, sustainable or stable for Nevada’s working families. Ending summary eviction, capping rent increases, and restricting hidden, excessive rental fees would help address Nevada’s housing crisis. As part of NHJA, For Our Future Nevada successfully worked to pass bills tackling these issues during the last legislative session. Unfortunately, Governor Lombardo sided with corporate landlords and vetoed every single piece of housing justice legislation that crossed his desk, and now, he wants to rewrite history and blame President Biden. Nevada tenants will remember his record-breaking vetoes and prevent him from exacerbating our housing crisis in 2025.”


In a stark contrast to the Governor’s non-solution, President Joe Biden, in an event in Las Vegas on Tuesday, announced groundbreaking policy proposals and urged Congress to enact measures to facilitate homeownership, including:


  • Mortgage Relief Credit: Proposed tax credits would assist middle-class first-time homebuyers, potentially aiding over 3.5 million families in purchasing their first homes. Additionally, incentives are proposed to unlock inventory of affordable starter homes, enabling upward mobility for middle-class families and assisting empty nesters in downsizing.


  • Down Payment Assistance: Advocating for up to $25,000 in assistance for first-generation homebuyers, aiming to aid around 400,000 families in their first home purchases.


  • Lowering Closing Costs: Efforts are underway to reduce closing costs, potentially saving homeowners thousands of dollars upfront, especially crucial as mortgage rates decline and refinancing becomes more accessible.


  • Promoting Market Competition: Recent actions, including settlements and calls for realtors and lenders to offer more options and lower costs, aim to enhance access to homeownership, particularly for first-time, low-income, and low-wealth buyers.


The President also proposed comprehensive strategies to address housing challenges nationwide, including constructing and renovating over 2 million homes, expanding tax credits for affordable housing, establishing grant funds for housing development, increasing contributions from financial institutions, and bolstering efforts to combat homelessness.


In Nevada, significant ARP funding has been allocated to affordable housing initiatives, including down-payment assistance programs and support for major housing projects. These endeavors reflect the administration’s commitment to ensuring housing stability and affordability, both nationally and within local communities. More detail can be found here.