Battle Born Progress Celebrates Nevada Supreme Court Ruling to Uphold Ghost Gun Law - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Celebrates Nevada Supreme Court Ruling to Uphold Ghost Gun Law



PRESS CONTACT: Amber Falgout,

Battle Born Progress Celebrates Nevada Supreme Court Ruling to Uphold Ghost Gun Law

NEVADA –  Today, the Nevada Supreme Court issued a decision in a case surrounding Assembly Bill 286 (AB286), which passed during the 81st Nevada Legislative Session to ban untraceable ghost guns in Nevada. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the ghost gun law is constitutional which reverses the lower court’s decision. Amber Falgout, our gun violence prevention expert commented on today’s decision below. 

Amber Falgout, Communications Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement:

“This lawsuit demonstrates the continued hurdles placed in our way as we fight to prevent gun violence in our communities. Prohibiting ghost guns, as AB286 does, is not about taking away legal gun ownership. It is about a fundamental concept of exercising that right responsibly and ensuring that current gun laws are enforced uniformly. We have seen continued violence due to the availability of ghost guns and increased ghost gun recovery at crime scenes over the last few years. This is undoubtedly due to the easy access, cheap price, and availability of ghost guns in Nevada and other states.” 

“We’re thankful that the court unanimously upheld AB286’s provisions against this ill-conceived challenge, and look forward to our public officials implementing this law in the coming months. Additionally, we want to thank Attorney General Aaron Ford and his office for fighting this lawsuit and standing up for survivors of gun violence who support AB286 and other gun violence prevention legislation. We’ll continue to advocate for policies that make our communities safer from the threat of gun violence. We would also like to thank Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui for sponsoring AB286 and continuing to work on ending gun violence.”

“Throughout the legislative process around AB286, we’ve worked to educate Nevadans about the increasing risk ghost guns pose to gun safety in our communities. Through our research, we’ve found that ghost guns are designed specifically to circumvent background check laws and provide easy access to firearms for those prohibited from owning one, including minors. With gun violence steadily returning to our nation’s headlines as capacity restrictions are loosened, we’re proud that Nevada took the lead on addressing the rising prevalence of ghost guns at violent crime scenes.”



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