Battle Born Progress Celebrates 13 Years of the Affordable Care Act, Calls for Universal Affordable Healthcare - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Celebrates 13 Years of the Affordable Care Act, Calls for Universal Affordable Healthcare

Contact: Will Pregman,, 702.752.0656

Battle Born Progress Celebrates 13 Years of the Affordable Care Act, Calls for Universal Affordable Healthcare 

LAS VEGAS, NV – On the 13th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act becoming law, Battle Born Progress Executive Director Annette Magnus released a statement urging Congress and the Nevada Legislature to continue the progress brought about by the Affordable Care Act and take the necessary steps to ensure that all Nevadans have access to affordable healthcare.

“After 13 years of unrelenting attacks from opponents, the Affordable Care Act has persevered, extending affordable coverage to more than 95,000 Nevadans and expanding access to Medicaid. It also set the stage for Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak to sign into law the 2021 public option bill, which sets ceilings for premium prices for public option plans. 

The further expansion of Medicaid benefits during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic played a critical role in ensuring vulnerable communities could protect themselves. But it shouldn’t take an emergency to extend healthcare coverage to those who need it – and that access shouldn’t evaporate when the emergency formally ends. 

Congress has the power to make these improvements permanent, and. President Joe Biden’s recently announced budget provides a blueprint to do just that. We support his common sense proposal to make the premium tax credits permanent, increase investments in Medicaid to address mental health and substance abuse, provide home based and community care options as an alternative to skilled nursing facilities, and extend provisions to lower drug prices beyond Medicare. 

The Nevada legislature also has the opportunity to protect and expand Medicaid coverage and rein in prescription drug costs through legislation like SB137 – which requires state Medicaid to cover approved donor breast milk – and AB130 – which increases funding for assisted living facilities serving Medicaid beneficiaries.

It’s time for lawmakers to finish the job – in Washington, D.C., and in Carson City, NV –  and take the steps necessary to ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care. That’s why Battle Born Progress calls on Nevada’s congressional delegation to support the President’s plan to expand health care coverage and lower costs by ensuring that those with the most – corporations and the wealthy – pay their fair share of taxes to support those with the least.”


About Nevada Housing Justice Alliance: The Nevada Housing Justice Alliance (NHJA) is a coalition of grassroots organizers and community advocates who work with Nevada tenants to develop solutions and advocate for community investments that solve the root causes of housing insecurity.

The NHJA coalition includes the following stakeholders: Make it Work Nevada, ACLU of Nevada, Battle Born Progress, Culinary Union Local 226, Faith in Action Nevada, For Our Future Nevada, Las Vegas DSA, Make the Road Nevada, Nevada Homeless Alliance, Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada, and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.