Battle Born Progress celebrates 14 years of the Affordable Care Act - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress celebrates 14 years of the Affordable Care Act


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Battle Born Progress celebrates 14 years of the Affordable Care Act

LAS VEGAS, NV – Ahead of the 14th anniversary of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, Battle Born Progress is reflecting on how the monumental legislation has dramatically transformed the country’s health care system for the better – giving millions of Americans access to affordable health care and protecting millions more with pre-existing conditions. 

In Nevada, that includes reducing the number of uninsured by 45 percent since the state’s Medicaid expansion in 2012. Thousands of Nevada’s small business owners now have access to affordable coverage that didn’t exist before the ACA, and tens of thousands of Nevadans are saving hundreds of dollars every year. In 2023, that included more than 96,000 Nevadans. Nationwide, that number hit 21.3 million people in 2024 – a new record. 

Since 2021, President Joe Biden has continued to expand and protect the ACA, working with Democrats in Congress to pass the Inflation Reduction Act – a law that’s saved Americans thousands by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, capping the price of insulin for Medicare recipients at $35 per month, and holding the big drug makers accountable. 

And yet Republicans nationwide – who tried and failed to overturn the ACA in 2017 – haven’t learned their lesson and have signaled they’re still willing to blow up the ACA, and leave millions uninsured in the process. That includes their de facto leader, former President Donald Trump, who has again and again vowed to repeal the ACA if re-elected in 2024. 

Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement: 

“No law has done more to help more people gain access to health care like the Affordable Care Act, which cut costs, expanded options, and made affordable health insurance a reality for tens of millions of Americans and tens of thousands of Nevadans. In the last decade, the ACA has become the foundation for some of the most expansive health care reforms since, including cutting the cost of prescription drugs under President Biden and congressional Democrats. But even though the ACA is more popular than ever, Republicans and Donald Trump are – yet again – campaigning on repealing the ACA. It’s not just out of touch with the vast majority of Americans who like the law, it’s a threat to the millions who will lose their insurance without it.”



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