Adam Laxalt Doesn’t Understand Women’s Issues - Battle Born Progress
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Adam Laxalt Doesn’t Understand Women’s Issues

LAS VEGAS – Adam Laxalt has proven time and again that he is out of touch with Nevadans. In his most recent interview, Adam Laxalt announced he was looking into how to push Nevada to strip women of their rights. Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt has once again confirmed that he does not know Nevada and does not know how to be a public official who represents his constituents. In one of his first interviews after securing the Republican nomination, Laxalt discussed his plans to try to recklessly endanger women across the state. Nevada has had Roe v. Wade codified in our law since the 1990s. Laxalt’s actions prove that he does not understand that Nevada is a state that supports a woman’s right to choose.

As Attorney General, Laxalt has also misused his power by signing on to briefs in California and Texas attempting to overturn a law requiring medically accurate information be provided to women with all of their options at crisis pregnancy centers. Laxalt also supported reinstating a law banning abortion procedures. Both of these actions show how he supports heavily restricting abortion and is not an advocate for women. Just this week, he was endorsed by Nevada Right to Life, an extremist group which promotes anti-women, anti-choice policies.

In a time when women have the potential to outnumber men in the Nevada legislature and are stepping up to run for office across the country, Adam Laxalt stands by the side of serial abusers, like Sheriff Antinoro and is discussing limiting a woman’s right to make choices about her own body.  

It seems that every time Laxalt is seen in public, he is reinforcing his animosity for women. Adam Laxalt’s actions consistently show he is out of touch with Nevada voters and our support of women making their own choices, and standing up for their rights.”