Adam Laxalt is a Threat to Nevadans - Battle Born Progress
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Adam Laxalt is a Threat to Nevadans


LAS VEGAS – This Saturday, Adam Laxalt is set to open his campaign office in Southeast Las Vegas. Local community groups are calling Laxalt out for being a threat to Nevada working families. He has not done his job as Nevada’s Attorney General and now wants to take his incompetence and extremist views to the Governor’s office.

The following groups believe that Laxalt and his extreme ideas are not welcome anywhere in our state:

Battle Born Progress

For Nevada’s Future

NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada

Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates

PLAN Action Fund

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Here are 10 reasons why Adam Laxalt is dangerous to Nevadans:

  1. As Attorney General, he has not done his job. He has failed to implement Question 1/background checks, which was passed by Nevadans in 2016.
  2. Adam Laxalt opposes the Commerce Tax, supported by current Governor Sandoval, which helps fund Nevada’s schools and was implemented by his extremist running mate Senator Michael Roberson.
  3. He is going to be a puppet for the Koch brothers. Adam Laxalt is bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers who have already pledged to spend millions of dollars.
  4. Adam Laxalt used his attorney general position to go after Planned Parenthood.
  5. He doesn’t believe in keeping public lands in public hands.
  6. Adam Laxalt was the only Attorney General from a state with legalized marijuana to not sign a letter requesting Congress for banking fix.
  7. He wants to take money away from our public schools and put it into a dangerous voucher scheme.
  8. He signed onto a lawsuit to deport our DREAMers.
  9. He is opposed to passing a Clean Dream Act.
  10. His actions and behavior are way too shady for Nevada.

Nevada cannot afford to have an incompetent and unethical governor. Laxalt’s record speaks for itself. He will do nothing but take our state away from the progress we’ve made to make Nevada a state that works for all. Laxalt is bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers and is bad news for Nevada.