Adam Laxalt Refuses to Answer Healthcare Question - Battle Born Progress
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Adam Laxalt Refuses to Answer Healthcare Question

How will Laxalt “Protect Nevada” if he can’t answer a basic question?

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Adam Laxalt held a campaign rally in Las Vegas and when asked whether he’d stand up against attacks on Nevadans’ healthcare, Laxalt simply ignored the question.

Question for Adam Laxalt, “are you going to be standing up to attacks by Congress on our healthcare, like Governor Sandoval did?”

Adam Laxalt: SILENCE

***Click here for video***

This interaction begs the question: Adam Laxalt’s slogan is “Protect Nevada” but how can he protect our state when he can’t even answer a simple question on the most important issue for Nevada voters?

While Adam Laxalt could not respond to this question, here’s where he stands on the number one issue for Nevada voters:

  1. Adam Laxalt supports the efforts of Trump and Republicans in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would mean Nevada would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid funding.
  2. Laxalt ignored a request from the Nevada health exchange director asking him to fight against Trump’s threat to cut off this assistance that has helped reduce Nevada families’ annual deductibles from thousands of dollars to a few hundred — or even less. Laxalt refused to stand up to Trump, and now health insurance premiums are up 45% in Nevada.

These are just two example of why Laxalt wouldn’t want to say whether or not he’d protect Nevadans’ healthcare, because he clearly has not and will not. Earlier this year, Public Policy Polling found over a quarter of Nevada voters consider healthcare the number one issue in 2018, but apparently, Laxalt didn’t receive the memo and will continue to ignore Nevadans and fail to protect our healthcare.