Battle Born Progress on Governor Lombardo’s Reckless Decision to Call Another Special Session for the Stadium Scam - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress on Governor Lombardo’s Reckless Decision to Call Another Special Session for the Stadium Scam

Contact: Amber Falgout, afalgout@battlebornprogress, 775.657.0433

The Dedication From Republicans and Governor Lombardo to Give Public Dollars to a Wealthy Corporation Shows Where Their Priorities Lie

CARSON CITY, NV – Tonight, less than an hour after the Nevada 34th Special Legislative Session, Governor Lombardo issued another proclamation calling legislators to come back to allocate public funding for the construction of the Oakland A’s Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite robust public opposition, the Governor has chosen to move forward with a stadium scam that will not be in the best interest of Nevadans.  This decision showcases a concerning disregard for the needs and priorities of the people of Nevada, as well as a dedication to catering to wealthy individuals and corporations.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said: 

“Yet again, Governor Lombardo is showing his clear disinterest in supporting the people of Nevada and opting instead to prioritize handouts to multi-million dollar corporations and their billionaire owners. 

Pushing for the allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars of public money for yet another stadium — that promises ZERO return on investment or benefits to our community — raises serious questions about the priorities of Governor Lombardo and his administration. Over $380 million in public funds is a gross misallocation of taxpayer dollars for someone who claims to be fiscally conservative.”

“The decision to call a second special legislative session so soon after immediately calling a special session due to obstruction and partisan politics on the part of Nevada Senate Republicans raises questions about the transparency and accountability of the process. Rushing through such a significant allocation of public funds without proper scrutiny and debate deprives the citizens of Nevada of their rightful opportunity to participate in their democracy.”

“The decision to prioritize funding for yet another stadium scam over other pressing needs of the community, such as mental health, healthcare, and infrastructure, shows how little Governor Lombardo knows about his job and his duty to serve the people of our state. Throughout the Nevada 82nd Legislative Session we saw discussion and debate around affordable housing, education funding, healthcare funding, and infrastructure improvements. Choosing to turn around and give hundreds of millions of dollars to billionaires to continue lining their pockets for a failed sports team shows that Republicans and Governor Lombardo are determined to make sure Nevada is the cheapest date around. This catering to monied interests instead of the public is absolutely unacceptable. Governor Lombardo must prioritize the well-being and interests of all Nevadans, ensuring that public funds are utilized in a manner that benefits the greatest number of citizens, rather than favoring a select few.”

“We urge Governor Joe Lombardo and the Nevada Legislature to reconsider the decision to hold a special session on the matter and to vote no on any public funding for the Oakland A’s stadium. Instead, all lawmakers should focus on addressing the critical needs and priorities of the people of Nevada – which does not include another stadium. As we did in 2016, we will be there to hold all of our elected officials if they choose to support misallocating public funds for this scam.”



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