Battle Born Progress Reacts to Passage of #StadiumScam Legislation in Nevada State Senate - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Reacts to Passage of #StadiumScam Legislation in Nevada State Senate

Contact: Amber Falgout, afalgout@battlebornprogress, 775.657.0433

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, the Nevada State Senate passed Senate Bill 1 by a vote of 13 to 8. The bill authorizes $380 million in public funding to build a baseball stadium for the current Oakland A’s on the Las Vegas Strip.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said: 

“The rushed approval of such a significant project raises serious concerns about transparency, accountability, and the appropriate utilization of public funds, and we condemn Governor Joe Lombardo for forcing this special session directly on the heels of not only the regular session, but also a special session to approve the CIP budget after Republican obstruction. For the Governor to demand this special session, while he simultaneously vetoes necessary legislation that will improve the lives of Nevadans, is shameful.”

Public funding for a private stadium is and has always been a bad idea. In 2016, we staunchly opposed Allegiant Stadium and we were back in Carson City today to staunchly oppose publicly funding the new Oakland A’s stadium. The Oakland A’s are the second team coming into Nevada asking the public to foot the bill to build a stadium. This is nothing but corporate welfare no matter how many amendments they add. We can find the money for another stadium but can’t find enough to properly fund mental health, healthcare, and so much more. The decision was made without thorough economic and county impact assessments, and comprehensive analysis of the long-term consequences for the community.”

“While we acknowledge the need to diversify our economy, it is essential that the decision-making process surrounding such projects is conducted with integrity, open dialogue, and adherence to established legislative procedures. Calling another special session to ram this stadium scam through is not transparent and it demonstrates Governor Joe Lombardo’s priorities. He is more focused on cutting deals with private businesses than he is on making sure Nevadans have the services they need.”

“The allocation of public funds for the construction of a stadium raises important questions about priorities. The state of Nevada faces numerous pressing challenges, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and affordable housing. It is deeply concerning that scarce public resources are being allocated to a privately owned sports franchise. The Oakland A’s could pay for their own stadium. If they have $1.1 billion to pay, they can and should pay the rest. They do not need public funds and Nevada should not continue giving public money away to fund private businesses. We hope that, despite passage in the Senate, that the bill will face necessary skepticism and not survive in the Nevada State Assembly. This vote today shows what the Nevada Way actually means – handouts to millionaires while Nevadans struggle to get by. The vote today in the Nevada Senate is disappointing to say the least.”



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