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Battle Born Progress Statement President Biden’s First State of the Union Address


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Battle Born Progress Statement President Biden’s First State of the Union Address 

NEVADA – This evening, President Joe Biden delivered his annual State of the Union Address, highlighting accomplishments of his administration and proposals for cutting costs, addressing mental health, and combating climate change. In addition, President Biden reinforced his support for Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. Following the State of the Union, Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress issued the following statement: 

“It is a breath of fresh air to finally have a president who uses the State of the Union to spread factual information on where our country is and where we are headed. It was also heartening to hear the president cover a wide range of issues important to all of us combined with plans and solutions to keep America moving forward.

Biden set the tone with his ‘Unity Agenda’ tonight, much of which puts the task before Congress to put legislation on his desk that fulfills the promise of his Build Back Better agenda. We were impressed by the policy details described in this address that could drastically transform lives for working families in Nevada for the better if passed. We also feel the international importance and resolve expressed in this speech will not go unnoticed by NATO, Ukraine, and, most of all, Vladimir Putin.”

On Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine:

“In this time of war in Europe, in which Vladimir Putin invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, we finally have a President who sent an unmistakable message in support of democracy, instead of siding with a ruthless tyrant. Thanks to the efforts of the Biden Administration in the past few days, Putin’s unprovoked war of choice is unifying and strengthening NATO and other allies, leaving Russia weaker. Biden did the right thing tonight by stating that we need to match the inspiration of the Ukrainian people by standing with them, providing Ukraine with humanitarian aid, and enacting harsh financial sanctions on Russia and its wealthy oligarchs. 

On the Economy: 

“Biden emphasized the victory of passing the American Rescue Plan last year, which provided sorely needed relief for Nevada. Along with 6.5 million jobs created last year, the ARP has allowed Governor Steve Sisolak here in Nevada to announce the disbursing of federal funds to the tune of $500 million for housing, $160 million for child care, and expanding high-speed broadband internet statewide. Part of this plan includes bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States, reducing costs of everyday expenses for working people, helping small businesses and eliminating barriers to good-paying, union jobs for workers across America. The President reinforced his plan to make corporations pay their fair share, so working families aren’t shouldering the tax burden for the ultra-wealthy. We also appreciate President Biden ushering us into an ‘infrastructure decade’ with the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This investment will help Nevadans by improving our roads and bridges, creating even more jobs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the transition to clean energy.

On Healthcare:

“Americans and Nevadans still pay way too much for prescription drugs, so it was encouraging to hear Biden reiterate the urgent need to cap insulin costs and allow the government to negotiate drug prices directly with drug companies. The latter is something Governor Sisolak also made a priority in his recent address, announcing that Nevada will join the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium to begin negotiating lower prices for live-saving medicine. By lowering these costs it helps working class people and middle class people shore up money for other necessities like housing and food. Now is the time for Congress to act to lower drug costs now by passing the President’s proposal. 

On Gun Violence Prevention:

“President Biden described the threat of ghost guns and modified weapons as part of the threat of gun violence in communities. He doubled down on investing in community violence intervention programs since he was sworn into office and he has fulfilled this promise by allowing American Rescue Plan dollars to support these programs in cities across America. Tonight he reaffirmed his commitment to tackling the epidemic of gun violence through policies aimed at addressing ghost guns, funding for community policing and even hospital based intervention. We applaud President Biden for continuing to support common sense gun laws that will address the growing epidemic of gun violence in America.”

On voting rights, abortion, and equality legislation in Congress:

Biden made an impassioned plea for Congress to get its act together on defending from attacks on our elections with the Freedom to Vote and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, codifying the right to abortion with the Women’s Health Protection Act, and protecting the civil rights of LGBTQ+ Americans with the Equality Act. We’re counting on our Congressional delegation members to work with all of their colleagues to ensure support for these important bills. 

On Addressing Mental Health:

As President Biden declared this evening, our country is in the midst of an unprecedented mental health crisis that is taking a toll on young people. This crisis has been exacerbated by Big Tech companies and social media platforms that are dangerous for users. We look forward to any work that can hold Big Tech accountable.”



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