President Biden Details Economic Victories, Policy Priorities for New Congress in State of the Union Address - Battle Born Progress
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President Biden Details Economic Victories, Policy Priorities for New Congress in State of the Union Address

LAS VEGAS, NV – Tonight, President Biden delivered his third State of the Union Address to the Nation. The Nevada Congressional Delegation was in attendance, including Congressman Steven Horsford (NV-04) who invited the parents of Tyre Nichols, a man brutally killed by police officers in Memphis, as his guests. The President highlighted policy priorities and key issues like gun violence, economic justice, and renewable energy. 

Annette Magnus, Executive Director for Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement:

“Since taking office, President Biden has overseen a dramatic shift in our economic standing. This includes bringing the country back from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and signing incredible policy solutions into law, like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act. Tonight’s State of the Union further highlights the President’s determination to work on behalf of American workers, students, and families. President Biden spoke about the need for good-paying union jobs, affordable housing, education, and job training to get everyday Americans, and Nevadans, back on their feet. 

“President Biden spoke to the contrast between himself and his Republican counterparts by calling out extremist Republican ideas of cutting Social Security and Medicare or letting the United States default on the nation’s debt. Despite the COVID-19 setback, our country is seeing the strongest job growth in forty years under President Biden’s administration, with a record 11 million jobs created. The President emphasized his focus on creating good-paying jobs that will lift Americans up rather than relying on poor tax policy, like trickle-down economics, supported by his Republican counterparts. Cuts to Social Security and Medicare would devastate Americans who rely on them for assistance in paying for prescriptions and healthcare. Yet again, Republicans want cuts to valuable programs instead of reigning in wealthy billionaires who are not paying their fair share. President Biden reaffirmed his dedication to growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up by ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share. This includes calling on Congress to bring back the Child Tax Credit which helped lift an estimated 2.9 million children out of poverty. He also detailed his achievements to cap insulin costs for seniors on Medicare, allowing for the negotiation of drug prices and calling for expanding these programs to cap insulin for all Americans. It’s up to Congress to build upon these key achievements and deliver for Nevadans and the American people.

We were proud as Nevadans to see Congressman Steven Horsford joined by the parents of Tyre Nichols tonight. The recently-elected Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Horsford recently met with President Biden to discuss police reform in the wake of Nichols’ brutal murder. The willingness to have this conversation is the first step and next, we need to see action at the federal level to address police brutality and excessive force. President Biden also discussed his plan to ban assault weapons, which he has fought for previously, at a time when we are seeing numerous mass shootings. We look forward to working with the President to end gun violence. Whether that is through banning assault weapons or other comprehensive reforms, we support addressing gun violence as it plagues our country.

Tonight’s address saw several disruptions from Republican malcontents, but never once did the President waver from delivering incisive and thoughtful remarks on a wide range of topics, and the work being done by himself and his administration. We are looking forward to working with Nevada’s delegation this year to see through these important priorities, and welcome the President to Nevada for the designation of Avi Kwa Ame as a national monument, as he promised at last year’s Tribal Nations Summit.” 


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