Battle Born Progress Statement on President Biden’s Order to Raise the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Statement on President Biden’s Order to Raise the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Contact: Will Pregman,, 702.752.0656

NEVADA – Today, President Joe Biden signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15-an-hour beginning on January 30, 2022, indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living, and eliminating tipped minimum wage by 2024. 

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said, 

“Today’s executive action by President Biden is a huge leap forward in the fight to pay workers a living wage. For the 390,000 federal contractors who will see a pay increase next year, this move is a major economic boost, especially those who are frontline and essential workers who have carried out necessary services in communities across the country throughout this COVID-19 public health crisis. It’s now Congress’ job to pass legislation raising the wage for the other 27 million minimum wage workers, many of whom have struggled to support themselves and their families waiting on this long-overdue pay increase.”

“Here in Nevada, we worked with Speaker of the Assembly Jason Frierson last legislative session on a bill to raise Nevada’s minimum wage to $12 an hour. This year, we are continuing to work with him, and all our legislators, to continue pushing for passage of AJR10**, a resolution tying Nevada’s minimum wage to the federal minimum wage. It also ends the practice of tying the minimum wage to health insurance offered to the employee, which businesses have abused to justify lower wages when coupled with meager health benefits. If passed again by the legislature this session, AJR10** will go on the ballot for voters to approve in 2022, letting Nevadans have their say. Every worker deserves to have dignity at work and be able to afford basic necessities, especially during this pandemic, and as the cost of living and of goods has increased. President Biden’s action today is a strong step in the right direction and we look forward to wages being raised for all workers, both in Nevada and nationwide, under his administration.” 



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