Congresswoman Susie Lee, Local Advocacy Groups Tout New $300 Per Child Monthly Tax Credit at Virtual Press Conference - Battle Born Progress
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Congresswoman Susie Lee, Local Advocacy Groups Tout New $300 Per Child Monthly Tax Credit at Virtual Press Conference

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**Link to Video Recording**

*Link to Video Message from Congressman Horsford*

NEVADA – Today, Congresswoman Susie Lee and local family advocates held a press conference to raise public awareness about a brand new and historic child tax credit of up to $300 that Nevada families will soon be receiving monthly. The event was part of a “Keep Families Afloat” Week of Action to raise awareness of the new credit ahead of the payments being distributed to families on July 15th. Congressman Steven Horsford also released a video message on his support for this incredibly impactful new policy. 

The Child Tax Credit, which was expanded and made monthly by the American Rescue Plan passed by the Democratic Congress and signed into law by President Biden, will give most families in the state a new tax credit of $300 a month per child. Economists have stated that the historic expansion will cut child poverty in half in the state and throughout the nation. 

Most parents will begin receiving the monthly payments automatically on July 15, and parents can find more information and learn how to claim their credit at 

Congresswoman Susie Lee said, 

“Here in my Congressional District, over 140,000 children will benefit from this expanded tax credit – that is more than 85% of the children living in my district. But most importantly, this expanded tax credit lifts over half of the children in this country out of poverty. This is money that doesn’t have strings attached – it can go to buying groceries, paying rent, to paying for child care. It is simply money in the pockets of hardworking families with children.”

Anwar Green, Southern Nevada Organizer of Battle Born Progress, said:

“As part of a nationwide Week of Action, we’re focused on making sure families in particular know what the new provisions mean, and how they’re affected. Here in Nevada, we’re joined by a few distinguished guests who have come to help provide awareness regarding this benefit. We thank Congresswoman Susie Lee for the work she’s doing in Washington to make this possible, and the work needed going forward. We also thank our community partners for their work getting the word out during this Week of Action.”

Ben Challinor, Policy Director for Faith in Action NV, said: 

“As we have listening sessions across the state, one constant that we continue to hear is that Nevadan Families are continuing to struggle to make ends meet after months of under and unemployment. It is our moral responsibility to make sure that Nevadans get back on their feet and these Child Tax Credit payments are a great step to ensuring this.”

Audrey Johnson, Vice President – SEIU 1107 – UMC Bargaining Unit, said:

“I have 3 grown children now. But I know how it felt to think I had a guaranteed paycheck and one day have it taken away and left with no guarantee but bills and growing children with needs. None of which understood my paychecks stopped and it was time to figure it out as parents do. But to imagine having this child tax Credit during that time, something guaranteed how that would have helped my family and how that will help my son and his family now is a great start.”

The Week of Action events were organized by Economic Security Project Action, Children’s HealthWatch, Community Change Action, Color Of Change, Groundwork Action, Fighting Chance for Families Action, Children’s Defense Fund, Income Movement, MomsRising, People’s Action, the Care Can’t Wait coalition, ParentsTogether Action, and United States of Women, among others.

The Biden Administration and the IRS have announced that families in the state will start receiving their first expanded Child Tax Credit monthly payments on July 15th. The monthly checks under this historic expansion of the Child Tax Credit are set to expire in December as others in Washington are fighting to make it permanent. 



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