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Donor Matters

Welcome to the second issue of Donor Matters for 2022. Everything we do here at BBP is only possible with your support. We appreciate all you do for us. Please enjoy — we created this newsletter JUST for donors like you.


The Good News

We’ve been working hard to make YOU proud.

It might not be December 31st, but we’re ready to ring in a new year here at Battle Born Progress. As our fiscal year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all the great work we’ve accomplished this year — from hosting a record-breaking Celebrate Progress and Progressive Summit featuring incredible guests like Brady’s Kris Brown and NEA’s Becky Pringle, to utilizing groundbreaking message testing to coordinate accountability campaigns for our leaders, to launching a brand new anti-disinformation project to combat the Big Lie and protecting our abortion access here in the state. We’ve been hard at work making all of our supporters proud — and it wouldn’t be possible without you at our backs, cheering us on!

As we near the general election — and finally get past the primary! — we’re continuing the fight against disinformation and misinformation across the state. We’ve started that work by hiring a Latino Anti-Disinformation Project Manager, Ignacio Romero, to lead the fight against disinformation wherever it persists. Hailing from Bolivia, Ignacio started his career as a journalist in the pursuit of truth and transparency and is now bringing that skillset to protect our elections and our democracy against this false information deliberately created to mislead and cause harm. If you spot some disinformation, you can report it to Ignacio HERE.

We’ve also been hard at work recently to combat the never-ending onslaught of attacks against our reproductive rights and abortion access. If you’ve come to any of the rallies to protect Roe V. Wade statewide, you’ve probably seen us there — microphones, video equipment, and talking points in hand — to make sure these rallies go off without a hitch and reach as many people as possible. Our Story Bank Organizer Brenda Rodriguez also hosted an incredible event alongside Rep’s. Susie Lee and Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, and the president of NARAL, Mini Timmaraju, to create a space for Nevadans to share their abortion stories. We work every day to support our partners on the front lines of the abortion access fight, and we love to volunteer our comms expertise to those who need it! We work every day to support our partners on the front lines of the abortion access fight, and we love to volunteer our comms expertise to those who need it!

Speaking of bringing our expertise to those who need it — we’ve also been conducting truly groundbreaking message testing this election cycle to find the most effective ways to communicate how our leaders have helped Nevada bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. With YOUR support, we’ve been able to conduct targeted messaging campaigns that work not based on political party, but deeper held values that influence the way Nevadans live their lives and make decisions — especially at the ballot box. With your help, we can continue that work and keep our state moving toward progress and forward in the wake of the pandemic. Thank you for always supporting us and enabling us to constantly innovate and improve.

Now, we’re gearing up to enter a new fiscal year. We’ll be celebrating with a night of (virtual) games and prizes during our first-ever Battle Born Bingo Night! You can buy your tickets here to help us reach our goal of raising $2,500 by the end of the fiscal year. Not interested in bingo but want to help us reach our goal? Click here

As we enter this new fiscal year, we’re so excited to see what more we can accomplish. With all of our incredible supporters like YOU standing with us, we’ll be able to continue our groundbreaking work and lead the fight toward progress in our state. Thank you.

The To-Do List

We know how much progressives like to have a take-action list!

  1. Join us for Battle Born Bingo Night! The end of our Fiscal Year is coming up and we are celebrating surviving another year with a round of election season cliche bingo! Tickets are $15 (free for our monthly supporters) and we’ll have fantastic prizes to make it worth your while! Buy your tickets HERE. 
  2. Join our brand-spankin’ new donor Facebook group! We have launched our donor Facebook group, specifically for our fiercest supporters to come together to discuss the news of the day and have access to exclusive content just for you from the BBP team. Become a monthly donor, and you can request to join the group HERE. 
  3. Share your abortion access or reproductive freedom story! The best way to spread the word about policies and legislation that matter to real Nevadans is to share their stories. That’s why we’ve started a story bank, and right now we’re focused on the abortion access fight! You can sign up to share YOUR story HERE. 
  4. Stay tuned weekly to Out In Front with Annette! Every week we’re covering a different topic important to Nevada’s progressives and the state at large. This last week, we covered the Primary Election and the great work we’re doing with our partners to protect the right to vote. Watch the episode HERE


The Awesome

We love our team and all they accomplish. With your support, they’ve been able to do some amazing things this quarter. Take a look below.

BBP takes AKA! This quarter, our team took a road trip out to the proposed Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in the Spirit Mountain wilderness south of Las Vegas. With this hands-on experience, our team was fired up to finish the fight to protect this sacred area and all of its invaluable wildlife. 

Fighting the Disinformation Nation! This quarter, we also hired a new team member, Ignacio Romero, to push back against disinformation in the Latino community. If you spot a piece of disinformation out in the wild, report it to Ignacio HERE.

Paula does DC! If you watch us every week on “Out In Front with Annette,” you’ll know that Annette, Maria-Teresa, and Paula visited the capitol city in May for the annual America Votes Conference and to advocate for the proposed Avi Kwa Ame National Monument. It was Paula’s first time in D.C. and she had a blast! 


The Highlights

We’re a communications organization, first and foremost. So the thing we do best? Make the news. Catch our favorite hits below.

“I don’t even know if I would be here if I would have been forced to have that child,” said Rodriguez, an organizer with the Las Vegas-based group Battle Born Progress. “I look at my son and I love him. But I just don’t know that I would be here for him and another child. I have to think about my only child. … I think it’s the best choice I ever made in my whole life.” — Catch our Story Bank Organizer Brenda Rodriguez share her abortion story during a roundtable she organized with Congresswoman Susie Lee HERE.

Amber Falgout, Northern Nevada manager for the group Battle Born Progress, said until now, anyone could buy the parts online, including those who are too young, have disqualifying criminal convictions, or have a history of severe mental illness. “The ghost guns really opened up,” Falgout explained. “Almost like an underground market of people being able to purchase un-serialized unregulated firearms without any types of checks and balances.” — Catch Amber Falgout, our Northern Nevada Manager who leads our gun violence prevention work, discussing our fight to curb ghost guns HERE

“So [Lombardo] thinks lowering healthcare costs and expanding coverage is ‘bullshit,’” the progressive advocacy group Battle Born Progress tweeted. “In other words, he’s got no plan to insure the 350,000 Nevadans who don’t have coverage, and essentially just gave them the finger. Just pathetic ‘leadership.’” — We’re nothing if not reliably sassy on Twitter! Read about our response to Joe Lombardo’s attacks on health care HERE.

The Buddies

We know the last few months have been rough for everybody. We hope these pictures of our furry (and not so furry) friends will cheer you up. These cutie pies belong to our monthly donors Donna West and Matt Kimball! Send us yours for next time!


Until Next Time 👋

Thank you again for your charitable giving. Together we are building a bright, progressive future for Nevada.