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Donor Matters

Welcome to the third issue of Donor Matters for 2022. Everything we do here at BBP is only possible with your support. We appreciate all you do for us. Please enjoy — we created this newsletter JUST for donors like you.


The Good News

We’ve been working hard to make YOU proud.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — election season! Just kidding, but it is the most important time of the year, and, as always, the most important election of our lifetime. Our democracy is hanging in the balance, and we’re fighting day in and day out to keep it afloat. And we’re only able to do that work with all of your support, and with finding moments of joy like our recent Celebrate Progress awards dinner in early September. 

For the first time in more than two years, our team here at Battle Born Progress was able to gather with all of our fabulous supporters to celebrate the work of incredible Nevadans from across the state. ICYMI, our top honor went to Commissioner Michael Naft for his championing of the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument designation, and for his continued support of all of our work here at Battle Born Progress. We were also joined by Congresswoman Dina Titus, Congresswoman Susie Lee, and Lieutenant Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead who helped us get fired up for the tough fight ahead.

Celebrate Progress was both an incredible time and a record-breaking event for our organization. We raised more money than we ever have before, and I have all of YOU to thank. With the support of our incredible donors, we were able to SMASH our fundraising goal and raised more than any previous Celebrate Progress ever — meaning I now have our goal for next year. 😉 

We’re gearing up for a tough election fight ahead and this evening of celebration, laughter, and togetherness was exactly what we needed to properly send us into election season. And now that we’ve celebrated, the work continues.

As we get closer and closer to November, we are continuing to conduct groundbreaking message testing this election cycle to find the most effective ways to communicate about the great work being done by our elected leaders to keep abortion safe and legal, make housing affordable, and make the economy work for everybody. Right now, we’re publishing one new test every other day to keep our finger on the pulse of public opinion this election cycle. 

We’re also continuing to expand our team to track the insidious disinformation campaigns from the right, and create a team of Nevadans that we can rely on to counter those messages and share positive messages about the progressive movement and policies. It’s become apparent that people are no longer getting their news and information from traditional media outlets due to a lack of trust. This gives us the opportunity to counteract misinformation and lies spread by the right. You can sign up to help us, and our new team member Allison as she launches this program, here

Whether it’s by having the resources we need to keep the lights on, enabling us to conduct the innovative message testing to keep Nevada moving forward or joining our network of volunteers to distribute progressive messaging and content via social media from the BBP team — we can only do the innovative work you’ve come to expect of us every election season with YOU behind us. Thank you for always supporting us and giving us the power to stay on the cutting edge of the research and science behind communicating with Nevadans.

The To-Do List

We know how much progressives like to have a take-action list!

  1. Join our organic content team! We need YOU to help us spread positive messages about progressive policies and counter disinformation from the right. Our new team member Allison is growing a team of volunteers to help share these messages widely. Sign up to help HERE.
  2. Share your story! The best way to spread the word about policies and legislation that matter to real Nevadans is to share their stories. The time has never been better to use YOUR voice and YOUR story to move our state toward progress. Sign up to join our story bank HERE
  3. Stay tuned weekly to Out In Front with Annette! Every week we’re covering a different topic important to Nevada’s progressives and the state at large. Tonight, we’re honoring those we lost in the 1 October shooting as we approach the fifth anniversary. Tune in HERE


The Awesome

We love our team and all they accomplish. With your support, they’ve been able to do some amazing things this quarter. Take a look below.

  • She came in like a wrecking ball! ICYMI, we have another new team member, MATHILDA GUERRERO — our Digital Manager who’s leading the way on all of our incredible new digital content. Have you checked out her amazing memes yet?
  • Fighting the Disinformation Nation! Our Latino Anti-Disinformation Manager, Ignacio Romero, is continuing to publish incredible pieces across the state to counter disinformation that’s proliferating in the Latino community, both in English and Spanish. You can read his latest here.

The Highlights

We’re a communications organization, first and foremost. So the thing we do best? Make the news. Catch our favorite hits below.

“In the past few years, MAGA Republicans have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to take away the right to vote. But never has it been more obvious than in the months leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, and the violent attack that took place that day.” — Read our Executive Director Annette Magnus’ op-ed in the Las Vegas Sun on the January 6 Committee HERE.

Annette Magnus, executive director of the group Battle Born Progress, noted the new law also extends subsidies to lower the monthly premium on many health plans. ‘And over 91,000 Nevadans will save monthly on health insurance premiums now with the Affordable Care Act,’ Magnus pointed out.” — Read about our work to educate Nevadans on how the Inflation Reduction Act will improve their daily lives HERE

Will Pregman, the communications director with Battle Born Progress, pushed back on suggestions the debt cancellation will only benefit those with higher incomes, saying everyday folks with college debt are breathing a sigh of relief. ‘If you talk to regular folks who have student loan debt, it’s not a situation where it’s necessarily comfortable where a substantial portion of their income goes to paying off their student loans,’ he said. ‘Not only does having that debt make it harder to achieve homeownership or get good credit, but it’s also just a huge economic barrier for people.’” — Read all about how we worked to educate Nevadans about student loan forgiveness HERE

“I am a pro-choice woman, and I’d rather walk through a field of broken glass than risk voting for Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate this November. Why? Because Adam Laxalt has made a career of being (among other things) an extreme anti-abortion politician who puts his personal beliefs above the will and well-being of Nevadans.” — Read our Northern Nevada Manager Amber Falgout’s op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal HERE about why a vote for Adam Laxalt is a vote against choice.

“Our current governor, Steve Sisolak, puts his money where his mouth is,” said Maria-Teresa Liebermann-Parraga, deputy director of Battle Born Progress, during the press conference. “He, throughout the pandemic and even after and into the next legislative session, he knows how important housing is and affordability is for the people of Nevada.” — Read more about our press conference about Governor Sisolak’s work to make housing affordable in Nevada (and how Joe Lombardo would do the opposite) HERE.

The Buddies

We know the last few months have been rough for everybody. We hope these pictures of our furry (and not so furry) friends will cheer you up. These cutie pies belong to our newest team members, Lisa Lynn Chapman, Mathilda Guerrero, and Allison Boutwell! Send us yours for next time!


Until Next Time 👋

Thank you again for your charitable giving. Together we are building a bright, progressive future for Nevada.