Fighting Disinformation - Battle Born Progress
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Fighting Disinformation

Deputy Director Maria-Teresa Liebermann-Parraga is a recognized leader in the fight against disinformation. In the wake of the 2016 election she began working tirelessly to prepare organizations across Nevada for the oncoming tsunami of right-wing lies.


Throughout 2020 Maria-Teresa coordinated inoculation and response efforts to counteract disinformation about both the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Presidential election. Her prescience positioned the progressive movement for gains in both the election and well into the future.

Executive Director Annette Magnus has been taking the fight directly to right-wing liars since she began her tenure in 2013. She makes regular media appearances to rebut and rebuff a rogue’s gallery of conservative pundits, and is continually one of the most quotable leaders of the progressive movement.


Annette’s no-nonsense approach is the foundation of Battle Born Progress’ voice, and that includes our work against disinformation in Nevada–we meet their lies with facts, analysis and more than a little sass!