Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Introduced Today on the Assembly Floor - Battle Born Progress
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Gun Violence Prevention Legislation Introduced Today on the Assembly Floor

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, AB354 and AB355 were introduced in the Nevada State Assembly. AB354 prohibits guns at voting locations in Nevada and updates the language on AB286 from the previous legislative session concerning ghost guns. AB355 raises the purchase age of assault weapons to age 21. 

“We are excited to see both these bills introduced today and thank Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui for championing this critical legislation,” said Annette Magnus, Executive Director, of Battle Born Progress. AB354 will make our election process safer since it will stop people from bringing guns to election sites, polling places, and ballot tabulation centers. This measure is crucial as we saw many threats of violence in the 2022 election cycle. No voter should have to face any kind of intimidation when they go to cast their vote. In addition, the omnibus bill includes a language fix that will clarify language from Assembly Bill 286 which was passed in the 2021 session. Assemblywoman Jauregui is also sponsoring AB355 which will raise the purchase age of assault weapons to 21. Because young adults are at elevated risk of attempting suicide and engaging in violent behaviors, strengthening minimum age laws for purchasing and possessing guns will help protect young people and the public at large. All of these measures address different aspects of the gun violence problem but we are confident that each measure will work to ensure our communities are safer from the plague of gun violence. We are happy to have legislators who take this issue seriously and prioritize it each legislative session. We will not look toward the hearings on these bills which will be coming in the next couple of weeks.”