Survivors, State Legislative Leaders, Call for Strengthening of Nevada Gun Violence Prevention Laws at Press Conference & Joint Hearing - Battle Born Progress
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Survivors, State Legislative Leaders, Call for Strengthening of Nevada Gun Violence Prevention Laws at Press Conference & Joint Hearing

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Survivors, State Legislative Leaders, Call for Strengthening of Nevada Gun Violence Prevention Laws at Press Conference & Joint Hearing

Prohibition of firearms at polling places, update to ‘Ghost Gun’ statute, raising age requirements for firearm purchases, and hate crime conviction prohibition among policies considered by Nevada Legislature Thursday

*Link to Livestream of Press Conference w/ Majority Leader Jauregui, Sen. Harris*
**Link to Video Recording of Joint Hearing**
***Link to Folder of Photos of Press Conference & Joint Hearing***

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees held a joint hearing on Assembly Bill 354, Assembly Bill 355 and Senate Bill 171, three common sense gun safety measures that will make Nevada families and communities safer from the epidemic of gun violence.

Sponsors of the legislation, Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui and Senator Dallas Harris, joined gun violence prevention advocates, experts, and gun violence survivors, for a press conference prior to the joint hearing. 

“Today’s hearings showcased the bravery of gun violence survivors and advocates for a Nevada safe from gun violence,” said Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress. “We thank Senator Dallas Harris for sponsoring SB171 which will update our hate crime laws consequently protecting people of color and the LGBTQ+ community from further victimization. We also want to thank Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui for sponsoring AB354 which will prohibit bringing guns to election sites, polling places, and ballot tabulation centers. This measure is crucial as we and other states saw armed individuals at ballot tabulation sites during the 2022 election cycle. No voter or election worker should have to face any kind of intimidation when they go to cast their vote or when poll workers are counting votes. In addition, the omnibus bill includes a language fix that will clarify language from Assembly Bill 286 which was passed in the 2021 session. Assemblywoman Jauregui is also sponsoring AB355 which will raise the purchase age of assault weapons to 21. This measure is in response to a scourge of mass shootings that have happened in the last two years. All of these measures address different aspects of the gun violence problem but we are confident that each measure will work to ensure our communities are safer from the plague of gun violence. After seeing what happened in Tennessee in which three lawmakers were ousted for supporting gun violence prevention, we are grateful to have leaders in Nevada who bravely prioritize gun safety. It is unacceptable to see lawmakers’ authority undermined for supporting a gun violence prevention protest. We are happy to have legislators who take this issue seriously and prioritize it each legislative session. Thank you to the Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Assemblywoman Brittney Miller, and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Melanie Schieble for facilitating a productive Joint Committee Meeting today.  We urge legislators on the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees to approve these gun violence prevention measures that will strengthen our existing laws and enact new laws to provide safety to communities across Nevada.”

Brady President Kris Brown said: Today’s joint hearing is a crucial step forward in the fight against gun violence in Nevada. We applaud Senator Harris and Assemblywoman Jauregui for their leadership and dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all Nevadans. By prohibiting firearm ownership for those convicted of hate crimes and banning guns at voting locations, these bills take common-sense — yet critical — steps towards preventing gun violence in our communities. We urge the Assembly and Senate Judiciary Committees to approve these measures and send a clear message: enough is enough. We must take bold action to end the devastating impact of gun violence in Nevada and across the country.

Agustin Cabrera, State Legislative Manager, Giffords. said: Giffords applauds the Nevada State Legislature for its decision to hold a joint hearing on these important gun violence prevention measures. This is an important opportunity for the legislature to prioritize the safety of Nevada communities and support strong, common-sense gun violence prevention legislation.”

These bills have a clear goal – to protect Nevadans from gun violence,” said Ben Tucker, an Everytown for Gun Safety Survivor Fellow and volunteer with the Nevada Chapter of Moms Demand Action.A close friend of mine was senselessly taken by gun violence and nobody should have to experience the pain I have of losing a loved one. We come together to support gun safety policies and protect future generations from gun violence.”

Dr. Terence McAllister, Vice President of the Nevada Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics: The public health epidemic of gun violence is the top advocacy priority for the doctors in our chapter. We know that greater firearm availability is associated with increased risks of firearm suicide and unintentional deaths in youth.



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