Job Opening: Nevada Disinformation State Manager - Battle Born Progress
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Job Opening: Nevada Disinformation State Manager


Battle Born Progress, through strategic communication efforts, empowers, engages, and mobilizes Nevada voters to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed. BBP is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan advocacy organization.

Institute for a Progressive Nevada educates, empowers, and engages Nevadans to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed. Our legal entity is Institute for a Progressive Nevada – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Job Title: Nevada Disinformation State Manager

Reports to: Executive Director and Deputy Director (will be a part of the Disinformation State Coordinator network and will also work closely with our in-house Latino Anti-Disinformation Manager) 

Job Summary: The position of Nevada Disinformation State Manager is crucial to our organization’s mission and to combating disinformation and coordinating disinformation work among partners in Nevada. Our organizations manage the communications hubs for c3 and c4 partners in Nevada and this position will be a vital part of that structure by leading in identifying partners—progressive organizations and other allies—and coordinating counter-disinformation strategies with them, developing a network of partners ready to take on disinformation, and helping them formulate effective responses to disinformation as it arises.

This role covers many tasks including but not limited to the responsibilities listed below. The position is salaried with benefits, full-time with required attendance at daily staff meetings starting at 10 AM PST, with a minimum of 40 hours worked per week required. 

As the Nevada Disinformation State Manager you are responsible for (but not limited to) the following:


  • Create and implement strategic counter-disinformation plans
  • Coordinate counter-disinformation trainings for partner organizations
  • Prepare regular reports and timely updates on data collected
  • Assist in developing narratives and message guidance for use by partner organizations
  • Create structures for reporting state-specific disinformation and responding to it with partners & allies
  • Use social listening tools to monitor disinformation and media conversation about issues in Nevada
  • Identify opportunities for advocacy or counter-narratives


Traditional Media

  • Identify media outlets to monitor in Nevada 
  • Create, place, and manage paid advertising on traditional media platforms
  • Pitch content created for traditional media outlets


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

  • An understanding of traditional communications best practices, media landscape, and narrative development
  • An understanding of research best practices and the ability to apply research findings
  • A working knowledge of social media platforms, practices, and use
  • A strong sense for identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends
  • A commitment to building and maintaining relationships with partner organizations
  • Excellent attention to detail and communications skills
  • Excellent planning and problem-solving skills
  • A genuine commitment to progressive causes and values
  • Comfort working in a flexible, fast-paced, dynamic environment where changes in
  • external factors can create new opportunities and challenges to existing strategies



  • Experience working for progressive organizations in roles including, but not limited to: organizing, field, communications, media relations, strategic planning, political, government relations, policy, etc.
  • Experience working closely with a small team
  • Commitment to working in this position and building the organization long term 
  • Passion for promoting positive social change
  • Ability to set and achieve goals independently and with a team
  • Ability to motivate and manage a group of passionate staff members, activists, and volunteers
  • Excellent organizational skills and communication (written and oral) skills in Spanish and English
  • Ability to use research to influence messaging and content creation
  • Ability to speak in public and to the media 
  • Experience in working with Nevada media outlets preferred
  • Proficiency in Google Docs, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Knowledge of Voter Activation Network (VAN) is a plus
  • Knowledge of social media tracking platforms; use of software to create infographics, flyers, and memes (Canva)
  • Reliable transportation and ability to work long hours


Additional Background and Information:

BBP (501c4) /IPN (501c3) are year-round, multi-issue, non-partisan communications, advocacy, and education organizations that serve as a voice in numerous policy issues and debates.  BBP/IPN engage in short-term, rapid response and proactive, long-term messaging projects aimed at moving the public dialogue.

This is a communications and campaign-oriented position. Events will, at times, be scheduled in the evening and/or the weekends.

This position requires creativity and flexibility due to the fast-paced nature and mission of the organizations. This position is a vital part of making the team functional and successful and will take on a variety of roles as needs arise.

Location: Southern Nevada office

Term: Salaried full-time position, starting at $60,000 with full benefits

To Apply: Send cover letter, resume, and writing sample to no later than 6/10/2022. 

BBP/IPN is an Equal Opportunity Employer and everyone is encouraged to apply.