Governor Lombardo Aligns Himself with Anti-Trans GOP Governors, Shows His True Extremist Colors - Battle Born Progress
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Governor Lombardo Aligns Himself with Anti-Trans GOP Governors, Shows His True Extremist Colors


Contact: Amber Falgout, 775.657.0433

Governor Lombardo Aligns Himself with Anti-Trans GOP Governors, Shows His True Extremist Colors

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, Governor Joe Lombardo was one of 24 other signatories on a letter from the Republican Governors Association attacking the Biden Administration’s Title IX rule, which prohibits state bans on trans women from competing in women’s sports. No such bill has currently been proposed in the Nevada Legislature, but House Republicans last month passed a bill at the federal level to impose such a ban, and 21 other states have passed some sort of restriction on trans people in sports.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said,

Governor Joe Lombardo likes to play the moderate, but he’s a far right MAGA extremist, just like the leadership of his party. The legal attacks, genocidal rhetoric, and actual violence, being directed at transgender Americans is nothing short of cruel and bigoted. For Governor Lombardo to align himself with this letter shows that he doesn’t believe Nevada should be welcoming for everyone, and that he is buying the far right fear mongering and hateful beliefs about trans people. We’re thankful for bills moving in the Nevada legislature, SB163 and SB302, that go in the opposite direction of states looking to further marginalize trans people. SB163 would require insurance, including Medicaid, to cover gender-affirming care, and SB302, would prevent those providing gender-affirming care, or traveling to Nevada to receive said care, from criminal prosecution by other states. As these bills work their way through the legislative process, and hopefully end up on Governor Lombardo’s desk, we sincerely hope the Governor will remember that the true Nevada Way is a state that is open, inclusive, and equitable to all, not a place to push the latest right-wing culture war at the expense of some of the most vulnerable communities. This letter does not represent Nevada; it is not who we are, and we are ashamed of Governor Lombardo’s name being listed on it.” 



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