Mark Amodei Continues to Vote to Make Us Homeless, Hungry, and Sick - Battle Born Progress
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Mark Amodei Continues to Vote to Make Us Homeless, Hungry, and Sick

 LAS VEGAS –  Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the fate of food assistance programs that millions of Americans depend on. Congressman Mark Amodei voted to keep food off the table for over 400,000 Nevadans, the very people he’s elected to represent, as well as millions of Americans. This follows his normal trend of disregarding the well-being of his constituents and prioritizing his role as GOP goon, voting to make us homeless, hungry, and sick.

Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus released the following statement:

“We are disgusted by Congressman Mark Amodei’s decision to turn his back on his constituents and their desire to live a healthy, nourished life in order to recover from the deficit created by the 2017 Trump Tax Scam, which he also voted for. The passage of the Trump Tax Scam created a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit that the GOP is now trying to fill the hole with cuts to programs that directly enhance the life, health, and well-being of Americans, like SNAP. Meanwhile representatives like Amodei voted to give millions of dollars in tax breaks to billionaires and companies. We now see where his real priorities are.

Today, Amodei reinforced that he is a spineless GOP pawn unable to prioritize the needs of his district over the pitiful and destructive actions of his party. Over 400,000 Nevadans were at risk of losing their ability to put food on the table, nourish their children, and pay their bills. Amodei turned his back on the veterans, elderly, disabled, children, single moms, and low income Americans who rely on SNAP the most.

While we are thankful the bill did not pass the house today, unfortunately it was due to Republicans’ desire to vote on an equally destructive and divisive immigration bill, we still are left to question the ethics of a man who consistently votes to leave his constituents homeless, hungry, and sick. Nevada needs to ban together to let Congressman Amodei know that we all disapprove of his actions and expect him to realign his priorities.”

You can reach Congressman Amodei at his D.C. office, (202) 225-6155; in Reno, (775) 686-5760; or in Elko (775) 777-7705 to let him know that he needs to stop voting to make Nevadans homeless, hungry, and sick. He needs to put his constituents first.