President Biden and the Department of Justice are Protecting and Expanding Abortion & Health Care Access - Battle Born Progress
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President Biden and the Department of Justice are Protecting and Expanding Abortion & Health Care Access


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President Biden and the Department of Justice are Protecting and Expanding Abortion & Health Care Access

The Department of Justice Asks the Supreme Court to Protect Access to Mifepristone, President Biden Plans to Expand Healthcare Coverage for DACA Recipients

LAS VEGAS, NV – Late Wednesday evening, a federal United States Appeals Court partially blocked District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s decision that severely compromised access to medication abortion for the entire country. In response, the Department of Justice is seeking emergency relief from the Supreme Court to defend the FDA’s scientific judgment and protect Americans’ right to access safe and effective reproductive healthcare. Whereas today, President Biden is announcing his plans to expand healthcare coverage for DACA recipients. If finalized, this rule will make DACA recipients eligible for services under Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement: 

“Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling shows that anti-abortion extremists will stop at nothing to attack, limit, and control a person’s right to bodily autonomy. No one should have their options for abortion care limited by politics. We are disappointed that the US Court of Appeals rejected science and decided they have the authority to rewrite Mifepristone’s label. While the FDA’s approval of Mifepristone is still in grave jeopardy, access to this necessary drug is safe despite how challenges continue to perspire. However, we are elated to see Attorney General Merrick Garland’s swift action to seek emergency relief from the Supreme Court to protect Americans’ right to reproductive healthcare.

“Let us be clear, the decision, in this case, will cause disproportionate harm to people of color who are seeking a safe, low cost and accessible form of medication abortion. This case should have never moved forward, and it is not based on facts, science, or medicine, nor does the law support it. For decades, anti-abortion politicians have worked to confirm judges who share their ideology to make decisions. Judicial decisions should be based on facts, evidence, precedence, and law.”

“In addition, we commend President Biden’s plan to expand health coverage for Dreamers. We are proud that the Biden-Harris Administration is taking bold measures to ensure that every single American, regardless of their lived experiences, has the same opportunities and access to healthcare services they need to thrive. Under the proposed rule, DACA recipients can apply for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, where they may qualify for financial assistance based on income or through Medicaid. 

“Nevada is lucky to be a leader in abortion access and has championed affordable and accessible healthcare for all Nevadans. We commend Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro for being ahead on this issue by working on Senate Bill 131, which will ensure people and doctors are not prosecuted for seeking abortion care in Nevada, as well as Senate Joint Resolution 7, to give Nevada voters a chance to enshrine abortion rights and reproductive freedom into the Nevada Constitution. We need more leaders like Majority Leader Cannizzaro, who are planning and working to safeguard abortion care in light of continued attacks by extremist groups and judges around the country. In addition, we thank Senator Fabian Doñate for championing Senate Bill 419, which will expand access to healthcare to residents regardless of background and status. We need more leaders like Senator Cannizzaro and Doñate who are planning and working to safeguard and expand healthcare.”

ABOUT Medication Abortion: Over half of all abortions are done with medication and extremists cannot stand this. Mifepristone is the first medication in a two-medication regimen that has been used safely and effectively by millions of people over the past 22+ years for early abortion care and miscarriage management. If clinics and providers lose access to mifepristone, there is a protocol for medication abortion using misoprostol only. This protocol has been used around the world well before the FDA approval of mifepristone 



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