Nevada Community Groups Gather to Condemn Governor Lombardo’s Irresponsible Veto of Government Budget - Battle Born Progress
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Nevada Community Groups Gather to Condemn Governor Lombardo’s Irresponsible Veto of Government Budget

Temper-tantrum-driven veto hurts real Nevadans

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Carson City, NV – Today, in front of the Legislative Building in Carson City, community groups and leaders gathered to respond to Governor Lombardo’s dangerous and irresponsible veto of AB520, also known as the Appropriations Act, a people-centered budget that funds services for preschoolers, foster youth, veterans, Medicaid recipients, victims of crime, people seeking mental health treatment, and more. By vetoing this budget, Governor Lombardo has put Nevada’s government and the lives of Nevadans in limbo by risking a shutdown. 

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress stated:

“I’ll say that this governor cannot call himself the ‘safety governor’ nor the ‘education governor’ when he vetoed this budget. Even in his veto message, he admitted that it contained many things he knows are the right thing to do. Yet he still did the wrong thing. We are disgusted and disappointed to see this governor veto this budget and throw Nevadans under the bus. Not getting everything you want is not an excuse to play games with people who depend on the services funded in this budget. We’re calling on Governor Lombardo to be reasonable and come to the table and sign this budget.”

Dawn Etcheverry, President of Nevada State Education Association, stated:

“Yesterday Governor Lombardo put private school vouchers before Nevadans. The man who prides himself as the ‘education governor’ wants to divert funding from public schools to institutions that are not accountable to the public. There are zero statistics that voucher programs have had success. This governor wants to take scarce funding from public schools and give them to private schools. The governor wants to risk a government shutdown … for that. Our state has real needs and we need those funded NOW.”

Serena Evans, Policy Director of Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual violence, stated: 

“The governor’s veto sends a clear message that he does not value victims of crime who are some of the most vulnerable Nevadans. The Victims of Crime account provides direct funding to assist victims in the direct aftermath of an assault. The governor is saying that the safety and healting of victim survivors does not matter. As a former sheriff, he knows how dangerous and prevalent domestic and sexual violence is. This veto is serious slap in the face to the pillars of safety.”

Emily Persaud-Zamora, Executive Director of Silver State Voices, stated:

“One of the major effects of this veto is the effect it could have on our Secretary of State office. The Secretary of State oversees business affairs and our state’s elections. Without these funds, the Secretary of State will be unable to operate three major elections in 2024. Considering 2024 is a presidential election and the state of Nevada is now second in the nation – this could make us the laughing stock of the country.”

Eric Jeng, Acting Executive Director of ONE APIA, stated:

“This budget supports the very fabric that makes our communities strong. These programs are mission critical for our community. We are disappointed but hopeful for negotiations that put our communities and our families first.”

Kerry Durmick, State Director of All Voting is Local Action – Nevada, stated: 

“This is an irresponsible act and leaves our democracy in an extremely vulnerable position. This governor is on pace to have the most vetoes of all time. I don’t think he wants that record. All Voting is Local Action hopes Governor Lombardo reconsiders his action on the Appropriations Act.”

Cassie Charles, PLAN Campaigns Director, stated:  

“Every Nevadan deserves to thrive and for far too long, our communities have struggled to survive. We are simply asking to fund Nevadans but we are here because Governor Lombardo doesn’t share the same values. Not getting what you want is not an excuse to play games with the lives of Nevadans who depend on these critical services. Nevadans are in crisis and Lombardo is playing reckless games for voucher scams. We are calling on the governor to come to the table and prove that he’s willing to protect and serve Nevadans.”

About AB520

  • Governor Lombardo wants you to think this is just a bill that doesn’t really affect anyone, but this budget will affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Nevadans.
  • The appropriations budget is about people: Preschoolers, college students, seniors, Medicaid recipients, veterans, public safety and health care professionals, people seeking mental health treatment, victims of crime, and so many more.
  • This bill funded at least 3,000 seats in pre-k programs – those kids don’t deserve to be treated like leverage.
  • It would give raises to a minimum $16/hour for home care workers who take care of seniors and people with disabilities – they don’t deserve to be used as leverage
  • Hundreds of millions for higher education, our universities, colleges, need-based financial aid.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 Nevadans is on Medicaid, and this budget has more than $2 billion for them, including many expanded services, as well as funding for clinics in rural areas where health care options are limited.
  • Hundreds of millions for mental health services statewide, long-term care, senior care.
  • Below are line-items in this budget: 
    • Medicaid
      • 2023-2024, 1,164,562,957
      • 2024-2025, 1,244,571,933
    • Aging and Disability Services  
      • 2023-2024, 2,211,119
      • 2024-2025, 2,370,509
    • Autism Treatment and Assistance Program 
      • 2023-2024, 6,896,987
      • 2024-2025, 7,332,984 
    • Home-Based Community Services 
      • 2023-2024, 16,945,864
      • 2024-2025, 17,077,827
    • Clark County Child Welfare 
      • 2023-2024, 68,902,568 
      • 2024-2025, 70,504,533
    • Washoe County Child Welfare 
      • 2023-2024, 19,753,209 
      • 2024-2025, 19,987,992 
    • Victims of Crime
      • 2023-2024, 3,263,380
      • 2024-2025, 3,415,878
    • Behavioral Health Prevention and Treatment
      • 2023-2024, 6,051,842
      • 2024-2024, 6,151,451
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
      • 2023-2024, 24,607,810
      • 2024-2025 24,607,810
    • Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services
      • 2023-2024, 98,388,510 
      • 2024-2025, 101,772,500
    • Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services
      • 2023-2024, 24,933,627 
      • 2024-2025, 25,636,366
    • Rural Clinics
      • 2023-2024, 14,638,775 
      • 2024-2025, 14,923,160
    • Office of Early Learning and Development, Dept of Ed
      • 2023-2024, 23,291,482
      • 2024-2025, 25,853,686
    • Literacy Programs, Dept of Ed
      • 2023-2024, 979,997 
      • 2024-2025, 969,355
    • UNR
      • 2023-2024, 140,775,640
      • 2024-2025, 114,223,863
    • UNR School of Medicine
      • 2023-2024, 38,642,430
      • 2024-2024, 38,707,057
    • UNLV
      • 2023-2024, 209,161,530
      • 2024-2025, 169,644,132
    • UNLV School of Medicine
      • 2023-2024, 42,626,775
      • 2024-2025, 42,699,244
    • College of Southern Nevada 
      • 2023-2024, 97,023,583 
      • 2024-2025, 77,976,590 
    • Silver State Opportunity Grant Program
      • 2023-2024, 5,000,000
      • 2024-2024, 5,000,000
    • Military/Veterans
      • Office of the Military
        • 2023-2024, $5,880,402
        • 2024-2025, $6,443,617
      • Homeland Security
        • 2023-2024, 158,124
        • 2024-2025, 159,617
      • Department of Veterans Services 
        • 2023-2024, 3,820,285
        • 2024-2025, 3,941,950 
    • Adult Protective Services and Long-Term Care
      • 2023-2024, 13,400,373 
      • 2024-2025, 10,703,771 
    • State Independent Living Council
      • 2024-2024, 97,398
      • 2024-2025, 102,016
    • Aging and Disability Services  
      • 2023-2024, 2,211,119
      • 2024-2025, 2,370,509
    • Crime Prevention, AG’s Office 
      • 2023-2024, 647,201
      • 2024-2025, 658,754 
    • Bureau of Consumer Protection, AG’s Office
      • 2023-2024, 705,009
      • 2024-2025, 734,130 
    • Victims of Domestic Violence, AG’s Office
      • 2023-2024, 179,126
      • 2024-2025, 205,915 
    • Nevada Highway Patrol 
      • 2023-2024, 77,322,782
      • 2024-2025, 79,907,878 
    • Corrections:
      • 2023-2024: $319,549,891
      • 2024-2025: $328,307,898
    • Victims of Crime, DCFS
      • 2023-2024: $3,263,380
      • 2024-2025: $3,415,878