Nevada Federal, State Leaders Call for Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share, Warn Cuts to Health Programs Will Hurt Nevada Families - Battle Born Progress
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Nevada Federal, State Leaders Call for Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share, Warn Cuts to Health Programs Will Hurt Nevada Families

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday April 18, 2023

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Nevada Federal, State Leaders Call for Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share, Warn Cuts to Health Programs Will Hurt Nevada Families


New Report Shows Impact to Nevada if Congressional Republicans Refuse to Raise Debt Ceiling


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NEVADA – Today is Tax Day, and Nevadans all across the state are filing their federal income tax return. But right now in Washington D.C. lawmakers are debating on the future of our country’s tax policy. 

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement: 

“The proposed plan put forward by President Biden to raise nearly $5 trillion in taxes on the ultra-rich and large corporations is a historic step towards making the tax code more fair for working families. By ensuring that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, the plan would generate revenue that can be used to invest nearly $3 trillion in essential services such as healthcare, childcare, affordable housing, and paid family leave, while also reducing the national debt by about $3 trillion. This plan is a vital step towards securing the future of Medicare and Medicaid for future generations of Nevadans.

“However, the House Republicans have different plans that include cutting spending on services that many people depend on and extending tax cuts for the wealthy, which would cost up to $3 trillion. This approach would only benefit millionaires and billionaires, while neglecting the needs of working families who are struggling to make ends meet.

“On this Tax Day, it’s time to call on Congress to pursue bold, necessary legislation that will make our tax code much fairer, generate revenue to lower health insurance costs, and fund a range of investments that are long overdue for working families. By taxing the ultra-rich and large corporations, we can ensure that they pay their fair share of taxes and end the scandalous practice of billionaires going years without paying any federal income tax. We must prioritize investing in essential services and securing the future of Medicare and Medicaid for future generations of Nevadans. Join Congressman Steven Horsford and Nevada State Assemblymembers Natha Anderson and Venicia Considine in supporting this important initiative to tax the ultra-rich now.”

Congressman Steven Horsford issued the following statement:

This Tax Day, Washington is gearing up for a familiar debate over federal spending and revenue. On the one side, President Biden and Democrats in Congress want the rich and corporations to pay a fairer share of taxes. On the other, Congressional Republicans want to preserve tax cuts for the wealthy and instead cut funding on services for working families.Republicans are threatening to force the federal government into default if they don’t get the spending cuts they want. But raising the debt ceiling should be a priority regardless of the budget outcomes.

“Since 1960 Congress has raised or extended the debt ceiling 78 times: 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents in order to pay off debts already incurred. It should do so again now. If Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling, they will risk delaying benefits for Nevada’s 565,180 Medicare recipients, 536,855 Social Security recipients, and 218,000 veterans.

“While Republicans plan to block proposals to raise the debt ceiling as a way to force cuts to programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, President Biden has already proposed an alternative plan that protects earned benefits, raises revenue for new investments, and reduces debt all by reining in corporate price-gouging and ensuring that the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

“Opportunity in the United States is fueled by all of us working together and taking responsibility for contributing our fair share to build a society that works for everyone. Paying the taxes we owe allows us to have programs like Social Security and Medicare and funds infrastructure, public safety, education and other services that millions of people depend on every day.”

Nevada State Assemblywoman Natha Anderson issued the following statement: 

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 7 will create a discussion, during the Interim Legislative Session, to investigate the following question: are the wealthy and large corporations paying their fair share in taxes? The State of Nevada’s revenue pays for our parks, schools, roads, and law enforcement. However, we do not have a fair and equitable tax system. ACR7 will create an opportunity for the Legislature to discuss and figure out what it means to be wealthy.” 

Nevada State Assemblywoman Venicia Considine issued the following statement: 

“Republicans want to preserve tax cuts for the wealthy while cutting services and programs that working families depend on. This Tax Day, we must remember what our taxes pay for: they pay for the streets we drive on, our schools, and pay for the clean air that we breathe. That’s why I am working on Assembly Bill 250, a bill that will make prescription drugs affordable for all Nevadans, because it is time for Big Pharma to pay their fair share.”





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