New House Tax Bill Guts Health Care for Working Families to Give Tax Breaks to Wealthy and Big Corporations - Battle Born Progress
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New House Tax Bill Guts Health Care for Working Families to Give Tax Breaks to Wealthy and Big Corporations


For Immediate Release: November 2, 2017

Contact: Annette Magnus, & Maria-Teresa Liebermann,

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, the House Ways and Means Committee released its tax bill that will cut Medicaid and Medicare to pay for massive tax cuts for the very wealthy and big corporations. Battle Born Progress released the following statement:  

“This Republican tax bill would give over a $1 trillion in tax breaks to the rich and corporations while making life-saving health care services and medications unaffordable and unattainable for the rest of us. It’s clear with this latest bill that Republican Congressional leaders have not given up on slashing health care to pay for tax breaks for rich households and corporations who should be paying more, not less,” said Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus.  “Around 633,000 Nevadans depend on programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in our state. Cuts to Medicaid would hurt people of all ages and shift massive burdens to our state. That’s why we’re calling on our entire delegation, especially Congressman Mark Amodei and Senator Dean Heller to reject this legislation. Senator Heller has gone on the record stating that he will push for tax reform but instead of pushing for giving breaks for millionaires and corporations, he should push to help hardworking Nevadans.”


About Battle Born Progress: BBP, through strategic communication efforts, empowers, engages and mobilizes Nevada voters to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.

Battle Born Progress is the state partner of Health Care for America Now (HCAN), a national grassroots coalition that works to protect the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare.