NV Energy’s “Solar Fairness” not fair to Nevada consumers - Battle Born Progress
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NV Energy’s “Solar Fairness” not fair to Nevada consumers

For Immediate Release: April 14, 2016

Contact: Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress, annette@battlebornprogress.org


LAS VEGAS – In an Astroturf television ad unveiled this week, NV Energy attacks consumers who have chosen to invest in rooftop solar, harnessing the power of the sun to bring us clean air, create local jobs, support a resilient energy grid ad share energy with neighbors.

NV Energy talks about “Big Rooftop Solar” but the real face of rooftop solar is your next-door neighbor, the rural rancher, and a small-business owner. These Nevada families and businesses have made the choice to invest in 21st century energy today. Their investment harnesses the power of the sun – especially during the scorching hot summer days that we who actually live in Nevada know so well .

NV Energy is using bad math and scare tactics to try to keep customers from going solar, all in the interest maintain its monopoly hold on power. You can bet it’s only accounting for the costs and none of the benefits of more homegrown solar energy in Nevada.

NV Energy The Truth
“Big Rooftop Solar” Rooftop solar is as local as it gets – it’s on your roof. NV Energy, on the other hand, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, a global corporation worth more than a half-trillion dollars. NV Energy puts profits first – and that means building expensive power plants and sending consumers the bill.
“…forces Nevada families who don’t have solar panels to pay higher power bills to subsidize rooftop solar” Based on NV Energy’s own claim that rooftop solar costs $20 million annually, the cost comes out to just 69 cents per customer, statewide, per month – less than the cost of a candy bar for clean air, good jobs and energy independence.

Families and businesses that do use rooftop solar actually pay NV Energy a much higher fee — $40 a month – for the “privilege” of providing excess power to their community.

“A government mandated subsidy with no limits that would go up and up and up” There is no basis behind this claim. In fact, the cost of going solar has dropped by half in the past five years alone. The truth is, harnessing Nevada’s vast renewable energy resources, including solar, reduces the need for new power plants and grid investments, lowering costs for everyone. 
“It’s not a choice, it’s a mandate…” A message brought to you by the state’s regulated monopoly who would rather mandate that consumers rely on fossil fuels and other energy sources with highly volatile pricing schemes.
“…and they want you to pay for it.” NV Energy is the one sending the bill.


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