Battle Born Progress Celebrates Governor Sisolak’s Signing of Public Option Bill, SB420 - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Celebrates Governor Sisolak’s Signing of Public Option Bill, SB420

CONTACT: Will Pregman,, 702.752.0656


LAS VEGAS, NV – Governor Steve Sisolak held a signing ceremony today for Senate Bill 420 (SB 420), the bill championed by Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro to establish the Nevada Public Option, a public health insurance option for the state of Nevada.  

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement:

“Today we thank Governor Sisolak for signing this incredibly important bill to begin the process of creating a new, affordable, and high-quality public health insurance option for Nevadans. We’re excited to bring advocates to the table to help ensure the Nevada Public Option expands access to healthcare in a real way for Nevadans who are uninsured and small businesses seeking a more affordable plan. Polling from the Global Strategy Group indicates that 66% of Nevadans support a public health insurance option, cutting across party affiliation. By signing SB420 today, Governor Sisolak has secured a major healthcare victory and set Nevada on course to establish this public option over the next 5 years.”

“If it wasn’t clear before, the pandemic showed that tying health care access to employment is a problem when there’s an economic downturn and folks lose their jobs. The Nevada Public Option will create a new path for coverage for Nevadans at a lower cost, which competes with private insurance and drives down healthcare costs overall. SB420 is a big step towards solving the bigger healthcare crisis that Battle Born Progress has been working on for years. We thank Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro for her diligent work on this bill throughout the session and are eager to work with her and other stakeholders to lay the groundwork for this bold new policy.” 

About SB 420, the Nevada Public Option:

Since Nevadans can lose their jobs and health insurance at any time, a public health insurance plan is needed to ensure that Nevadans always have access to affordable healthcare. 

On May 6th, Battle Born Progress hosted former health insurance executive and whistleblower Wendell Potter on it’s regular webcast, Out in Front with Annette, to rebut oft-repeated criticisms of the bill from hospital executives and private insurance companies. 

The proposal aims to:

  • Lowers cost for everyone by forcing insurance companies to compete with the public option for business. 
  • Allows small business employees and contractors access to quality, affordable health insurance. 
  • Provides an affordable option for people who lose their jobs and don’t qualify for Medicaid.
  • Enhances Medicaid maternity coverage to promote healthier pregnancies, mothers, and babies. 
  • Guarantees rural Nevadans have quality, affordable options on Nevada Health Link.
  • Gets a better deal for Nevadnas by leveraging the state’s ability to negotiate for lower costs of care. 

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