**VIDEO INCLUDED** Battle Born Progress Hosts Nevadans Count Coalition Members on Out in Front Webcast  - Battle Born Progress
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**VIDEO INCLUDED** Battle Born Progress Hosts Nevadans Count Coalition Members on Out in Front Webcast 

Contact: Will Pregman, wpregman@battlebornprogress.org, 702.752.0656

**Link to Video Recording** 

LAS VEGAS, NV – On tonight’s weekly episode of Out in Front with Annette, hosted on Facebook Live, host Annette Magnus and Battle Born Progress Database Assistant, Angela Guadagno, spoke with member organizations comprising the nonpartisan Nevadans Count coalition about the recent release of 2020 census data in legacy format for the purpose of redistricting.

Angela Guadagno, Database Assistant, with Battle Born Progress, said:
“Successful redistricting in Nevada will require every voice speaking up for their needs and the needs of their community. We encourage all Nevadans to head to NevadansCount.org to learn more about the redistricting process and what the results of the 2020 census mean. In addition, Nevadans should complete our community districting survey to aid our collective advocacy at the state legislature this fall.”

Noé Orosco, with Silver State Voices, said: “In 2019, Nevadans Count, a coalition of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, was created to help raise awareness and provide updates about the 2020 Census to Nevadans. After the census, the coalition also identified the redistricting process as a key priority, and we’ve been raising awareness about this process since the beginning of the year.”

Tammi Tiger, with the Las Vegas Indian Center, said: “The ancestral lands of the Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe extend beyond their Tribal boundaries. It’s important to identify culturally significant sites in their community of interest to ensure their concerns are represented when the lines are drawn.”

Amy Koo, with OneAPIA Nevada, said: “As the fastest growing community in Nevada and nationwide, the resources to support the Asian Pacific Islander community is lagging. Especially with the rise of Anti-Asian violence in the last year and the lasting economic impact of the pandemic, it’s crucial that we uplift the visibility and power of the community.”

Manuel Santamaria, with Chispa Nevada, said: “Knowing how and where the Latinx community is concentrating also helps see how successful health and environmental outreach has been to a segment of the population that has struggled to be heard and seen. Redistricting will allow us to make a case to keep these communities together in order to allow them to flourish and give them a stronger voice.”



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