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Battle Born Progress Discusses Nevada Public Option with Healthcare Experts

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CARSON CITY, NV –  Tonight, on Battle Born Progress’ Facebook Live event, Out in Front with Annette, host Annette Magnus spoke with Martin Fitzgerald, Executive Director of New Day Nevada, and Wendell Potter, former healthcare executive and leader of Center for Health and Democracy, about legislation introduced in Nevada this week, SB 420, a bill to create a public health insurance option in the state.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said, 

“We were thrilled to see Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro introduce SB 420 this week to establish the Nevada Public Option. As an organization, we’ve worked for years advocating for more access to high-quality, affordable healthcare for Nevadans. This bill would create a public option to compete with private insurance, driving down costs and leveraging the state’s power to negotiate favorable costs for Nevada patients. Furthermore, it closes the uninsured gap that predominantly affects communities of color and low-income Nevadans the hardest. It’s no surprise to see insurance corporations oppose this measure, because it directly challenges their hegemony over setting the cost of healthcare in the state. The fact is, we need a healthcare system which works to serve Nevadans, not line the pockets of wealthy companies. I’m thankful to be joined tonight by Wendell Potter, who is working to help pull back the veil of misinformation propagated by insurance giants to shut down proposals like SB 420 which help increase access to care.”

Wendell Potter, healthcare reform advocate and head of Center for Health and Democracy, said,

“I congratulate Nevada on taking steps to consider the Nevada Option, a public healthcare plan to compete in the marketplace with private insurance. For too long, the health insurance industry has worked to maximize their profits at the expense of Americans who depend on them to afford healthcare coverage. This bill, SB 420, would give the state negotiating power to help lower the cost and expand access to healthcare in Nevada. I look forward to following this issue as it moves forward in the Nevada Legislature and urge leaders in the state to support the creation of the Nevada Option.”

Martin Fitzgerald, Executive Director of New Day Nevada, said, 

“SB 420 will provide Nevadans with another option on the healthcare menu, ensuring Nevadans will always have access to affordable, quality coverage. The Nevada Option will lower costs, ensure statewide coverage regardless of where you live and tackle Nevada’s persistently high uninsured number that includes more than 350,000 Nevadans. Importantly, the Nevada Public Option is also offered as an option to small businesses so that they can compete with big corporations and provide a comprehensive and robust healthcare insurance to their employees – a critical benefit that they need to attract high-quality talent and grow. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro to pass this bill and reduce healthcare costs for Nevada’s working families.” 

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