Pennsylvania Voters Reject the GOP’s War on Health Care and Taxes - Battle Born Progress
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Pennsylvania Voters Reject the GOP’s War on Health Care and Taxes

Republicans’ messaging on Health Care and Taxes is failing even in their “safest” districts

RENO- After Lamb’s historic victory, it could not be more clear that voters have resoundingly rejected the TrumpTax and the GOP’s constant war on health care. The momentous win in Pennsylvania should be the clearest message yet to Republicans that their war on health care is not going to stand with voters.

Battle Born Progress Northern Nevada Organizer, Natalie Hernandez had this to say about our representatives’ continued inability to defend their constituents’ health care, “2018 is a very important election year for Nevadans. Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Mark Amodei are running for re-election but they have not sided with Nevadans on health care. The historic win in Pennsylvania goes to show that even in the “safest” of districts, voters are fighting back against the GOP’s constant war on our healthcare. Nevadans have continually called on Heller and Amodei to stand up to Trump and the GOP’s harmful policies, and they ignored us. Hopefully, what happened in Pennsylvania speaks to them as a warning to starting working to protect the care of their constituents.”