Progressive Groups React to Trump Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Trial - Battle Born Progress
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Progressive Groups React to Trump Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Trial



PRESS CONTACT: Amber Falgout,

Progressive Groups React to Trump Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Trial

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today former President Donald Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts in the hush money trial which explored campaign finance violations related to the 2016 election. Despite facing intimidation, threats, and harassment, a jury of everyday Americans had the courage to weigh the evidence and convict Trump on all counts today.

Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement: 

“Today’s verdict shows no one is above the law, especially not Donald Trump. A jury of the former president’s peers – regular, everyday Americans – confirmed today what we’ve known all along: that Trump lied to the voters in a desperate attempt to win an election. But make no mistake, this verdict is only the first step in a long road to holding Trump accountable. We must not forget that this is the same Trump who tried to overturn an election and stoked an insurrection in order to hang on to power. Trump and his MAGA movement must continue to be held to account, or they can and they will erase our freedoms. 

Leo Murrieta, Executive Director with Make the Road Nevada, shared the following statement:

“This case underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in our system. The integrity of our elections and the laws that govern them must be upheld to ensure a fair and just democratic process. For too long, we have witnessed powerful individuals attempting to bend the law and evade responsibility for their actions. Today’s verdict reminds us that no one is above the law, especially if they are threatening our freedoms.”

Manuel Santamaria, State Director of Mi Familia Vota, issued the following statement: 

“Today, Donald Trump, a man who has consistently vilified Latinos as criminals and accused migrants of destroying this country, has been convicted. 

This outcome serves as a poignant reminder that those who spread hate and division are not above the law. 

His rhetoric has inflicted fear and pain on countless innocent people, painting an entire community with a broad, unjust brush. Now, justice has caught up with him, demonstrating that truth and accountability prevail in the end. For the Latino community, this verdict is not just a legal victory, but a moral one. 

It is a testament to the power of justice to correct falsehoods and injustice.”

Laura Martin, Executive Director of PLAN Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“Voters will deliver the ultimate verdict to twice-impeached, one-term president Donald Trump this November. Nevadans are looking for a president who will make housing attainable, utilities affordable, and citizenship within reach for thousands of mixed status families. A candidate who is spending 2024 racing from courthouse to courthouse, is not a candidate who can deliver for Nevadans.”

Mark Riffenburg, Executive Director of NewVote Nevada, issued the following statement: 

“When presented with the facts, a jury of everyday Americans found Donald Trump guilty of 34 out of 34 of his felony charges. From deceiving voters to inciting an insurrection, Donald Trump is not only a clear danger to our democracy, but now is a convicted felon. With so many important issues on the line for Young Nevadans in 2024, we can’t let the chaos of a 2nd Trump administration jeopardize our future.”



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