Progressive Groups Respond to Trump's First Nevada Visit Since Being Convicted in Hush Money Trial - Battle Born Progress
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mobile billboard circles Las Vegas Trump rally.

Progressive Groups Respond to Trump’s First Nevada Visit Since Being Convicted in Hush Money Trial



PRESS CONTACT: Amber Falgout,

Progressive Groups Respond to Trump’s First Nevada Visit Since Being Convicted in Hush Money Trial

LAS VEGAS, NV – As Donald Trump visits Las Vegas to campaign today – just 10 days after being convicted by a jury of his peers in New York – progressive groups across Nevada joined in response to Trump’s visit and his nativist, anti-immigrant and conspiracy-fueled statements today.

Blanca Macías, Deputy Director, Make The Road Action Nevada, issued the following statement: 

“As Donald Trump, a convicted felon on 34 counts, visits Las Vegas this weekend, we must not forget the critical danger his MAGA extremist agenda poses to our community and our nation. His divisive rhetoric and destructive policies have already caused significant harm. During his presidency, Trump rolled back critical environmental protections, undermined women’s rights by appointing Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, gave massive tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% while leaving working families behind, and separated immigrant families implementing inhumane immigration policies.

Trump has shown his disregard for the values we hold dear in Nevada and the fundamental right to a better life, which he seeks to reserve only for the wealthiest. Our community deserves leaders who prioritize justice, equality, and progress, not someone who aims to drag us backward with a dangerous and extremist agenda. Nevada must remember Trump’s true legacy and reject everything he stands for.”

Angelyn Tabalba, consultant for Nevada Conservation League on the Clean Energy Plan, issued the following statement:

“Over 100 environmental protections were rolled back during the first Trump presidency, during which he weaponized COVID-19 to allow corporations a free pass to violate clean air and water laws and denied climate science. If re-elected, Trump promised to gut climate and public health protections and eliminate the Clean Energy Plan to serve oil companies at the cost of our health and financial well-being. The last Trump presidency cost Nevadans enough. We can’t afford another under a now convicted felon.”

Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director, Battle Born Progress, issued the following statement: 

“As former president Trump visits Las Vegas this weekend, we are all reminded of the threat he poses to our democracy. His dedication to conspiracy theories, lies, and attempts to overthrow our elections will not stop. This weekend marks Trump’s first campaign stop in Nevada since being convicted 34 times by a New York jury of his peers last week. The outcome of that trial is a step toward accountability for the consistent attempts to sway elections in favor of Trump and his cronies. Our mobile billboards highlighted this corruption and the harmful policy positions Trump and allies have taken on key issues like abortion. Nevadans and Americans value freedom. That means freedom to elect leaders who uphold our values, freedom to make decisions about our own bodies, and freedom to exercise our right to vote. Our leaders must reflect our values.”

Lindsey Harmon, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada, issued the following statement: 

 “Former president Trump is a threat to our democracy and a danger to all those who live in this country, so it’s no surprise that he is encouraging hundreds of people to gather at an outdoor rally in triple digit heat.  While it’s a reminder of how his selfish motives endanger the health and wellbeing of even his most loyal followers, his presence in our great state is also a stark reminder of what is at stake this fall. The last Trump presidency delivered us the loss of the federal right to abortion, corruption, chaos and the attempted upheaval of so many of our democratic systems. For the millions across the country whose access to basic medical care is now out of reach because of his actions, we must ensure that he remains a one term president or risk losing even more.”

Taylor Patterson, Executive Director of Native Voters Alliance Nevada, said:

“This Sunday marks a scorcher in more ways than one as Trump stumbles back to Nevada, fresh off a historic felony conviction and into 104℉ heat. Despite his best attempts to dodge accountability, the sun isn’t the only thing shining light on his shady dealings. He once had the nerve to call Nevada a ‘cesspool of crime,’ but it’s clear the real criminal element is him.

“Americans deserve a leader who isn’t jumping from one legal battle to the next, inciting insurrections, or making absurd suggestions like injecting bleach into the human body. We need someone focused on real issues, like making prescription drugs affordable for all Americans, ending gun violence, and tackling the climate crisis so future generations can thrive and breathe clean air. While Trump’s campaign trail turns into a legal marathon, our focus remains on electing someone who can genuinely deliver for our nation. The heat’s on, and it’s crystal clear—Trump’s felonious antics aren’t the cool change Americans are looking for.”

Gariety Pruitt, Nevada State Director for For Our Future said:

“Nevada is broadly known as a competitive state and will make the difference between building an economy that works for everyone and more tax breaks for billionaires and bloated corporations. This is made obvious by the desperate decision of the newly convicted and former president, Donald Trump, to hold an outdoor rally during a heat advisory in Las Vegas this weekend. At the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, Nevada was reeling from a mismanaged pandemic and record unemployment. Since President Biden assumed office, Nevada has experienced the fastest job growth rate in the nation, recovering all the jobs that were lost and diversifying its economy in new industries.

“The potential futures that lie ahead could not be more different. Between his promise to be a dictator on Day One, to his corporate giveaways at the expense of working families, Nevada will reject Donald Trump for the third time. We see through his self-serving attempts to discredit our elections, and will make sure he remains a twice-impeached, felony-convicted, one-term president.”

Assemblyman Howard Watts III, Climate Power Nevada Advisory Board member said:

“Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy, our environment, and our public health. Despite extreme temperatures in Las Vegas that reached 111 degrees this week, Trump has repeatedly called climate change a ‘hoax’ and promised oil executives he would roll back President Biden’s environmental regulations in exchange for a $1 billion campaign donation. Time and time again, we see that Trump’s corrupt actions prioritize profits over people, while Joe Biden stands up for the greater good. Donald Trump is wrong for Nevada.”



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