Progressive Organizations Joint Statement on Republican Primary - Battle Born Progress
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Progressive Organizations Joint Statement on Republican Primary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 9, 2024

MEDIA CONTACT: Shelbie Swartz,, 702-419-9410; Mathilda Guerrero,

Nevada’s Odd Twist: ‘None of the Above’ Wins, Yet Trump Takes The Cake


LAS VEGAS, NV — Following the First in the West Democratic Primary in Nevada on Tuesday, and the party-led GOP Caucus on Thursday, it is now apparent that the Presidential Election in November will once again be a showdown between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. 

A coalition of progressive organizations released the below statements to remind Nevadans about the dangers of Trump’s candidacy and the havoc wreaked on our society under Trump’s previous presidential reign.

Taylor Patterson, Executive Director of Native Voters Alliance Nevada, said:

“In a stunning twist of irony, ‘None of the Above’ has won the Nevada Republican Presidential Primary, yet it’s Donald Trump who’s being touted as the victor. This situation reeks of hypocrisy, showcasing how MAGA Republicans, infamous for their cries against ‘rigged elections,’ are the very architects of undermining the democratic process. By skewing the system in Trump’s favor, they blatantly disregard ‘We the People,’ trampling on the very essence of our democratic choice.

“This maneuver not only mocks the electorate’s will but also paves the way for a man whose tenure was a relentless attack on tribal sovereignty. Under Trump, policies eroding the land rights and sacred traditions of Indigenous communities weren’t anomalies; they were a systematic assault. His Administration’s flagrant disregard for environmental protections and treaties vital to tribal autonomy reveals a disturbing pattern of destruction against Indigenous identity and rights. We’re witnessing a dangerous charade where Trump’s Republican Party’s actions are a direct threat to tribal sovereignty, and a blatant dismissal of the people’s voice in our democracy.”

Laura Martin, Executive Director, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action Fund, said:

“Nevada deserves a president who won’t leave anyone behind. Twice impeached, former President Donald Trump has shown he’s willing to leave his own supporters behind in a confused mess of spreadsheets by forcing a party-run, rigged caucus to compete with Nevada’s lawful primary. Nevadans need attainable housing, public transit, and affordable utilities. We don’t need a wannabe dictator, business scammer who will be too busy defending himself in court than governing.”

Kristee Waston, Executive Director, Nevada Conservation League

“Our communities and our environment cannot afford the consequences of another four years of Donald Trump as president. Trump’s Administration scrapped government considerations of the damage caused by carbon emissions, squashed pollution rules for dangerous power plants, and withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump in office is a clear loss for the environment and could reverse the wins our country has achieved in the last four years – especially those made under our nation’s Clean Energy Plan.  Let’s build on our progress. Opting for Biden is the most strategic choice to safeguard against pro-polluter legislation and uphold the momentum towards a cleaner and healthier future.”

Gariety Pruitt, Nevada State Director of For Our Future, said:

“A retread to a Donald Trump presidency is a clear and present danger to hardworking families across Nevada. He cares about no one but himself. At every turn as president, Trump allowed corporations and ultra-rich to rewrite the rules to their own benefit and set our economy, democracy and country back. The contrast could not be more clear with President Biden. He is delivering on his promises – from the Inflation Reduction Act to the bipartisan infrastructure law, President Biden’s leadership is lowering costs for families across our country and creating good-paying union jobs.”

Shelbie Swartz, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said: 

“Now that the GOP has rigged their party to hand Donald Trump the Republican nomination on a silver platter, Nevadans now face the clear and present danger of the possibility of a Trump victory in November — before the dust has even settled from the damage done to the very foundation of our democracy under his previous tenure. Here in Nevada, we confront a grim prospect: the return of a Trump Administration, a regime that historically undermined healthcare and perpetuated systemic injustices against BIPOC, underserved, underrepresented communities. The harsh truth of Trump’s ‘firearm safety’ legacy is now before Americans: his Administration didn’t just tweak the system — it dismantled it. Vital background check records were erased and key mental health provisions in firearm regulations were halted. This was not a series of policy blunders; it was a deliberate endangerment of public safety, hitting BIPOC communities hardest. We also face the harsh reality of the decimation of our abortion rights under the return of the Trump regime. The hard work to preserve and expand our rights here in the Silver State could be forever destroyed if Trump returns to the White House.”

Leo Murrieta, Director of Make the Road Action Nevada, issued the following statement on behalf of the organization’s thousands of members:

“In the face of the looming threat of a return to a Trump presidency, we stand at a critical moment for the future of Nevada’s hardworking families. Under Trump’s leadership, vital protections were eroded, healthcare access was undermined, anti-immigrant policies were placed, and fundamental rights, including reproductive freedoms, were endangered. The consequences of his administration’s actions are still echoing, and the prospect of a repeat scenario is deeply troubling.

“As we look to the future, it is imperative that we continue to advocate for policies that prioritize the well-being of all Nevadans, especially those most vulnerable. Let us not backtrack on this progress. Together, we must remain firm in our efforts to build a more just and equitable future for all.”