Progressive University - Battle Born Progress
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Progressive University

Every year the Progressive Summit hosts a variety of breakout sessions and panels to educate our base and give them the tools they need on issues to get involved.


This year since we are in the virtual space we wanted to expand the breakout session past the summit and create a space to keep the learning going past the summit. This also enabled us to give folks the ability to hear about more issues rather than just picking one as they have had to do at the summit in the past!


This brought us to Progressive University! A weekly series of trainings and panels to continue to educate people statewide about the issues that matter most.

Healthcare Policy in 2021

Join Battle Born Progress’ Deputy Director Maria-Teresa Lierbermann-Paraga and Margarida Jorge from Health Care for America NOW! for an in-depth discussion of policy and the lasting impacts of the Trump administration on Nevadans’ ability to access care during COVID-19.


This 1 hour session looks at domestic violence and sexual assault. We’ll discuss how COVID-19 has impacted rates of violence and how folks can utilize their time and resources towards fighting against domestic violence and sexual assault in our state.