ProgressNow State Leaders Call For Vote Limiting Trump’s Power & Condemns Trump’s Hostile Rhetoric Which Puts All Americans In Danger - Battle Born Progress
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ProgressNow State Leaders Call For Vote Limiting Trump’s Power & Condemns Trump’s Hostile Rhetoric Which Puts All Americans In Danger

Over the past few days, we have become a country that is once again on the brink of war. This crisis was created because President Donald Trump was unable or unwilling to fully think through the very real consequences of his words and actions. 

ProgressNow affiliated states from across the country, released the following statement today: 

“Today we are calling on the U.S. House to vote to limit recently impeached President Trump’s ability to instigate global conflict, and calling on the President himself to act with diplomacy rather than the hostile and dangerous rhetoric we have seen come out of this administration over the past few days. 

Time and time again, we see both on a national level and an international level that Donald Trump’s extreme policies are dangerously out of touch with what Americans want and need. We do not mourn the death of General Soleimani, but we do want peace in the region. We need to build on—not reject—the Iranian nuclear deal and use the tools of diplomacy to pursue a coherent strategy and refrain from making illogical decisions that alienate our allies.   

The best way to support our brave men and women in uniform is to keep them from harm in a reckless and unnecessary conflict. The President created this crisis. His behavior during this time has been unacceptable. He continues to mislead the public, in this case about the alleged existence of an “imminent” threat and bypasses consultation with Congress followed by a sham briefing.  We may not be so lucky in the future if this type of childish and harmful behavior continues. We now need leadership from both parties to hold this President accountable and call for a full investigation about how and why he came to making this decision. Now is the time when cooler heads must prevail; we need bold leadership to put a stop to this, work toward peace, and determine how we got to this point and ensure we do not come this close to the brink of war again.”


ProgressNow Affiliated States that signed this statement: 

Battle Born Progress (Nevada)

Courage California

Fuse Washington

Our Maryland

Progress Iowa

Progress Michigan

ProgressNow New Mexico

Progress Texas

Progress Virginia