**VIDEO INCLUDED** Advocates Discuss Reno Housing Crisis Amid a Heated 2022 Election - Battle Born Progress
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**VIDEO INCLUDED** Advocates Discuss Reno Housing Crisis Amid a Heated 2022 Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 13th, 2022

Contact: Will Pregman, wpregman@battlebornprogress.org, 702.752.0656


Advocates Discuss Reno Housing Crisis Amid a Heated 2022 Election

**Link to Recording**

RENO, NEVADA – Advocates gathered today to discuss the affordable housing crisis in Nevada. Local residents and groups talked about the lack of affordable housing, high rental prices, and the need to hold private investors accountable for buying homes only to rent them out at exorbitant prices. Speakers also highlighted the Home Means Nevada Initiative put forth by Governor Sisolak to address affordable housing statewide. Candidates running for both state and federal office in Nevada have few solutions to solving the housing crisis. In a recent debate performance, Joe Lombardo said it was simply a “supply & demand issue.” Contrarily, Governor Sisolak called out private investors and said we need to hold them accountable for their role in this crisis. Senator Cortez Masto supported the American Rescue Plan which provided millions of dollars in support of affordable housing. Adam Laxalt has no plan to address this crisis or advocate for Nevadans and he has actively criticized spending by the federal government related to things like the Child Tax Credit and ARP funds. Our current leaders are prioritizing this issue but we have no reason to believe Joe Lombardo or Adam Laxalt will do the same. 

Groups and speakers on the call issued the following statements:

Amber Falgout, Northern Nevada Manager, Battle Born Progress said:

“It is disgusting to me that candidates like Joe Lombardo have no concrete solutions or plans to fix affordable housing in Nevada. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age. We have seen private investors gobble up homes and rent them at record prices. This is not something that Lombardo has to deal with, as he is not impacted by high rental prices. It is a nonissue for them and it shows in their lack of insight into how to solve this crisis. My story is not unique. Many in northern Nevada are struggling to afford rent and being displaced because either their rent was raised or they cannot find a place they can afford. In Reno, to rent a 3-bedroom home that is $2500 per month, a renter needs to be able to pay the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a deposit. This means a renter needs to pay anywhere from $5K to $7,500 to move into the home depending on the deposit amount. This is absolutely unattainable for many in our community. Governor Sisolak knows that Nevadans are suffering. They have prioritized funding for affordable housing and even down payment assistance. We have to keep moving forward on this issue with policies like the Home Means Nevada Initiative.”

Jaaziel Ozuna, Organizer, PLAN Action said:

“Housing affordability is a top issue among voters right now and rightly so. Too many Nevadans are paying so much for rent that they can barely afford other necessities like groceries and required medication. Companies that are renting to people are also not keeping up with repairs. This forces renters to either move or stay in housing units that can be dangerous. Tenants have little choice in the current rental market because pricing has increased significantly. Nevadans deserve access to affordable, quality housing. New funding for affordable housing units through the Home Means Nevada Initiative will help increase the number of affordable units. Leadership from Governor Sisolak made this possible. We must keep moving forward with policies that prioritize making housing affordable in Nevada.”

“Since the pandemic, we’ve talked to countless Nevada voters who list housing affordability as their most concerning issue,” said For Our Future Nevada State Director Gariety Pruitt. “So far, it’s clear there’s only one candidate in the race for Governor who is taking this issue seriously. Through Governor Sisolak’s innovative ‘Home Means Nevada’ initiative, $500 million is already being put to work to build and preserve more affordable housing units for Nevada’s working families. This November, Nevada voters will have the opportunity to build on the progress we’re making toward housing justice. Re-electing Governor Sisolak is our best chance at bringing down housing costs and keeping Nevada families secure in their homes.”

Deb Hinds, AFSCME Member:

Housing has become a major burden for families in Nevada. From renting to purchasing regular Nevada workers feel like they have been left behind. We work diligently to provide for ourselves and our families but at the end of the day, we struggle to pay for rent, food, and prescription drugs that we need. We are thankful for leaders like Governor Sisolak who see this as the very real problem it is. Thanks to his Home Means Nevada Initiative we are making progress on housing affordability. The work is not done by any means but with leaders who prioritize this issue we can hope for more change in the future.”

Janell Woodward, AFSCME Member:

“Workers deserve a place to call home. Their families deserve a place to call home too. With rent being so expensive many cannot afford enough rooms for the number of people they have in their family. Despite working hard every day many people feel as if they are failing because they cannot secure adequate, affordable housing. Our system has to change. Private investors buying up homes and renting them at insane prices only hurts our communities further. Thankfully Governor Sisolak knows this and in a recent debate said private investors need to be held accountable. Other candidates refuse to acknowledge this as a growing issue in our state. Our leaders must reflect our values and our communities. Housing must be a priority for all Nevadans.”

Notes: Spokespeople in Spanish or English are available for individual interviews.


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