Roberson and Laxalt Appear in Laughable Ad Together - Battle Born Progress
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Roberson and Laxalt Appear in Laughable Ad Together

The ad highlights their hypocrisy when it comes to their questionable ethics and failed leadership

LAS VEGAS –  Today, Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson and Attorney General Adam Laxalt released a joint ad in which they brag about their record, stellar ethics, and ‘guts’ which are laughable and reinforce their hypocrisy.

“Roberson’s ad with Laxalt is another sad attempt from two of Nevada’s most devious politicians to further divide and defraud Nevada voters,” said Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress. “Laxalt and Roberson are the kings of saying one thing, yet their ethics and judgment prove otherwise. Failing to do their duty while excelling at being morally corrupt is a common theme between Roberson and Laxalt. They are two bought and paid for peas in a pod working for special interests instead of working for Nevadans.”

Here’s a sampling of the many times Nevada’s Motley Crue has lacked leadership and ethics:

  • Roberson is not the great leader he and Laxalt are presenting him to be. He, just like Laxalt, are bought and paid for by big money special interests like the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and the gun lobby. Roberson has a long history of introducing dangerous gun legislation instead of working towards making our communities safe. It’s clear that Michael Roberson is no leader for Nevada.


  • A great example of Roberson’s ‘stellar’ leadership took place during key budget negotiations and floor votes at the end of the 2017 Legislative Session. Instead of working with the Majority Leader and fellow Senators, Roberson threw a temper tantrum over his beloved, and Koch Brothers’ funded, voucher scheme. Roberson led his caucus to walk out of the Senate floor instead of voting for key budget votes that fund vital infrastructure and other projects across the state. Putting at risk funding for improvements to our universities, public hospitals, prison and a much-needed veterans’ home in Northern Nevada.



  • Roberson’s temper tantrum didn’t stop when the 2017 Legislative Session was over. He decided to bring his childish behavior home to Las Vegas as he engineered a sexist and failed recall scheme against three sitting female Nevada State Senators. This desperate attempt to put himself in power for the next session is not only sexist but an unethical move driven by out-of-state special interests who funded this entire scam. The recall scam also cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, all to appease Roberson’s bruised ego after a failed legislative session.