Bill Protecting Abortion Providers and Out-of-State Patients Heard by Nevada Assembly Committee - Battle Born Progress
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Bill Protecting Abortion Providers and Out-of-State Patients Heard by Nevada Assembly Committee


Contact: Maria-Teresa Liebermann-Parraga,

Bill Protecting Abortion Providers and Out-of-State Patients Heard by Nevada Assembly Committee

CARSON CITY, NV – This afternoon, the Nevada Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor heard testimony on Senate Bill 131, introduced by Senate Majority Nicole Cannizzaro, that seeks to protect both abortion providers in Nevada, and out-of-state patients seeking an abortion, from prosecution by other states with restrictive bans or regulations on abortion.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said: 

“Let’s not mince words here: Nevada has been a pillar of strength when it comes to safeguarding reproductive freedom. Our state didn’t just stumble onto this path; we’ve earned our stripes with the steadfast support of Nevadans, who reaffirmed their commitment to this cause in the 2022 midterm election.

“The key take-home from today’s hearing? The urgency for a legal safety net for patients and providers in Nevada. Anti-abortion factions are relentless in their pursuit, skewing the intent of SB131 and spreading blatant disinformation. We’re here to set the record straight.

“When Roe v. Wade was scrapped, it was a gut punch to us all. Our rights and liberties were put in the crosshairs. Fortunately, Nevada had a Governor who wasn’t shy about stepping up to the plate, issuing an executive order to shield abortion providers and out-of-state patients from the legal onslaught initiated by our not-so-progressive neighbors.

“Why? Because in Nevada, we respect and value the liberty to make reproductive decisions. We’re not just okay with that; we’re proud. It’s the Nevada way. And now, with a new administration at the helm, it’s time to cement that assurance. We won’t be accomplices to other state governments’ ruthless pursuit of implementing draconian abortion bans. Nevadans and those seeking abortion services from out of state deserve that legal certainty.

“We thank Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro for championing this bill. Governor Lombardo promised to sign this into law in a KNPR interview and in his televised debates. We fully expect him to deliver.

“But let’s not kid ourselves. Even with SB131, we’re far from done. The Legislature advanced SJR7 today which will allow voters to decide. Our state must ensure abortion and other medical needs remain safe, legal, and accessible in Nevada for anyone seeking to exercise their right to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom in Nevada. Securing abortion access remains a pressing issue in Nevada. We must remind our legislators that Roe was just the baseline, not the finish line. It’s high time we introduce policies that safeguard patients and bridge the gaping void in delivering abortion care to residents and non-residents alike. The fight continues.”



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