Nevada Senate Committee Passes Gun Safety Bills Sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Jauregui - Battle Born Progress
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Nevada Senate Committee Passes Gun Safety Bills Sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Jauregui


Contact: Will Pregman,, 702.752.0656

Nevada Senate Committee Passes Gun Safety Bills Sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Jauregui

Advocates Celebrate the Passage of AB354 and AB355 in the Senate Judiciary Committee

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, the Senate Committee on Judiciary held a work session on AB354, which prohibits guns within 100 feet of polling locations, vote centers, election sites, ballot drop-off locations, and ballot tabulation areas. Additionally, AB354 clarifies language from the 81st Nevada Legislative Session ghost gun bill. Legislators voted to pass the bill, AB354 will move to the Senate Floor next. Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Juaregui’s AB355 was passed, this bill prohibits individuals under 21 years of age from owning and possessing certain assault weapons. 

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress issued the following statement:

“We thank the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing AB354 today and Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui for bringing this legislation forth. This bill will prohibit firearms at polling locations, vote centers, election sites, ballot drop-off locations, and ballot tabulation areas. Additionally, AB354 will clean up language from Assembly Bill 286 passed in the 81st Nevada Legislative session. This language change addresses the legal challenge to the bill and brings the language up to date with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms concerning ghost guns. AB354 is very close to our hearts. In the last election cycle, we saw terrible incidents with firearms being brought to polling locations. This cannot be tolerated. The right to vote should not be infringed upon by individuals who want to intimidate and harass people while casting their ballots. We are also ready to implement AB286. It is time to address ghost guns and stop the market for these unserialized firearms. AB354 helps us do this. We want to thank the survivors, advocates, and partners who have supported this bill since its hearing on April 6th. Thank you to the Senate Judiciary Committee for holding a productive work session on this bill and passing this critical measure. We now look to the full Senate to do the same.”

“Additionally, we want to thank the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing AB355. It has been an honor working with Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui on this bill and AB354. We know that young people are at increased risk for suicide and violence. AB355 is a commonsense measure limiting access to dangerous assault-style weapons for people under 21. This makes sense because, as we have seen from recent reports, young people commit gun offenses in high numbers. AB355 raises the purchase and possession age of assault weapons to 21 years old in Nevada. With the amendment, it includes an exemption for members of the Armed Forces of the United States and law enforcement employed by a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency. By raising the purchase age, we hope this will limit the ability of young people to commit violent acts with weapons designed to do maximum damage in the least amount of time possible. We want to additionally thank all of our partners who testified in support of this bill when it was heard on April 6th, including Brady, Moms Demand Action, and Giffords. We sincerely hope this bill will pass as it moves to the Senate Floor.” 

Kris Brown, Brady, President said:

“Today’s vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee on AB354 and AB355 is another crucial step towards protecting Nevadans from senseless gun violence. By clarifying ghost gun laws and prohibiting firearms at polling locations, we’re sending a clear message: our democracy and our communities deserve to be protected from the threat of gun violence. I applaud Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui for her leadership on these bills, which will make Nevada a safer place to live, work, and vote.” 

Agustin Cabrera, GIFFORDS State Legislative Manager said:

“GIFFORDS applauds the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee for advancing these critical bills. By keeping firearms away from election sites, protecting the right to vote, and ensuring that those under the age of 21 don’t have access to firearms, AB354 and AB355 will undoubtedly make Nevada a safer place. We thank the Senators who have reaffirmed the legislature’s commitment to stopping gun violence. We also extend our gratitude to Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui for her work and championship on this important issue.” 

“These bills have a clear goal – to save lives,” said Jaime Bunnell, a volunteer with the Nevada Chapter of Moms Demand Action. “We’re grateful for our lawmakers’ commitment to the safety of Nevada families and for introducing measures that will protect our children from gun violence. We hope every lawmaker understands the urgency in passing these critical measures that will make every Nevada safer from the threat of gun violence.”

Emily Persaud-Zamora, Executive Director, of Silver State Voices said:

“At Silver State Voices we believe that every eligible Nevadan should be able to cast their ballot in a safe and secure manner. Allowing individuals to carry guns at polling places directly undermines the right to participate in our democracy freely and safely. It can result in voter intimidation, which not only suppresses voter participation but also undermines the safety of election officials and poll workers. This not only threatens public safety, but democracy itself. We already have laws limiting where people can carry firearms, such as churches and schools. By prohibiting firearms at polling locations, this legislation will help ensure that every eligible Nevadan can exercise their right to vote without fear of intimidation.  We thank the Senate Judiciary Committee for passing AB354.” 



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