Battle Born Progress Opposes Use of Public Taxpayer Dollars for Baseball #StadiumScam in Las Vegas - Battle Born Progress
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Battle Born Progress Opposes Use of Public Taxpayer Dollars for Baseball #StadiumScam in Las Vegas


Contact: Amber Falgout,, 775-657-0433

Battle Born Progress Opposes Use of Public Taxpayer Dollars for Baseball #StadiumScam in Las Vegas

Carson City, NVJust now, at 8 PM on a Friday, the Nevada State Senate Finance Committee, in a “behind the bar” meeting, introduced a bill to authorize the development of a Major League Baseball stadium in Las Vegas, utilizing up to $380 million in public taxpayer dollars to do so.

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress, said:

“The recent introduction of the A’s stadium bill, which includes a provision capping public financing at $380 million, is a concerning development. Even worse than the Raiders stadium deal, this latest proposal promises even less in return for such a wasteful investment and leaves taxpayers entirely on the hook to fill the revenue gap created by this Special Improvement District.

Nevada faces numerous challenges and pressing needs that demand attention and financial investment. Our state should focus on adequately funding education, healthcare, affordable housing, public transportation, and other critical services that directly impact the lives of Nevada residents. 

Furthermore, constructing a new baseball stadium with public funds fails to guarantee substantial economic benefits for the community. Numerous studies have shown that the economic impact of professional sports stadiums is often overstated and fails to generate the promised benefits for local economies. Instead, public funds could be better utilized to support small businesses, foster workforce development, and invest in sustainable industries that will create long-term, high-quality jobs for Nevadans.

We are sick and tired of the demands of working families trying to live a life of dignity being seen by Carson City lawmakers as too risky, while yet another half-baked tax giveaway to a billionaire’s pet project is met with extreme effort and urgency.

Battle Born Progress calls upon the Nevada Legislature to uphold its commitment to the well-being of its constituents by opposing the use of public taxpayer dollars to fund yet another stadium scam. We urge lawmakers to prioritize investments that directly benefit the people of Nevada and strengthen our communities.”