STATEMENT Gun Industry Buys Supreme Court Seat for Gorsuch - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT Gun Industry Buys Supreme Court Seat for Gorsuch

STATEMENT Gun Industry Buys Supreme Court Seat for Gorsuch


Contact: Natalie Hernandez, & Annette Magnus,

RENO – How much does it cost to secure a seat at the Supreme Court? Led by the NRA, the corporate gun industry cashed in on millions of dollars spent to secure Judge Neil Gorsuch a seat at the Supreme Court. Battle Born Progress Gun Violence Prevention Community Organizer, Natalie Hernandez issued the following statement:

“Senator Dean Heller has let his constituents down once again by voting to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch. Nevadans are disappointed in his lack of leadership. The gun industry spent millions of dollars to make sure the Supreme Court seat is occupied by Gorsuch and will want to cash it in sooner or later. Senator Dean Heller has said he was anti-Trump, but voting in people like Judge Neil Gorsuch only proves his ideals line up with the likes of Trump and Gorsuch. Heller is in lock step with this extreme administration.

We cannot allow money in politics to take precedence over the American people. The GOP using the nuclear option to confirm Gorsuch on the Supreme Court goes to prove how money is heard more than the voice of Americans everywhere. We sincerely hope Senator Heller will start listening to his constituents and do the right thing in the years to come because 2018 is right around the corner and we will not forget.”


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