STATEMENT on Donald Trump’s Visit to the International Christian Academy - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT on Donald Trump’s Visit to the International Christian Academy


CONTACT: Annette Magnus,

Maria-Teresa Liebermann,

Trump visits private school where discrimination is tolerated right in their handbook – a school that Sandoval wants to fund with his voucher scheme

Las Vegas– Today, Presidential candidate Donald Trump visited the International Christian Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. After further research about the academy’s policies, it was discovered that the academy openly embraces discrimination in their handbook. International Christian Academy discriminates disabled students and students with families that don’t fit the school’s beliefs and philosophy. This is a school that would also benefit from the unconstitutional voucher scheme that has been put forward and promoted by Governor Brian Sandoval.

“NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY International Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin and reserves the right to deny admission to any individual whose academic or personal needs are beyond our ability to meet. We recognize that a variety of schools exist to meet the needs of students with special needs, e.g. serious learning disabilities, impaired vision or hearing. Our recommendation for another school is always based on our inability to meet the special needs of a student. We reserve the right to deny admission to any individual whose family or personal lifestyle is not consistent with the philosophy or purpose of the school. We recognize and respect the religious background of every student, but reserve the right to teach on the basis of our biblical statement of faith. ICA reserves the right to screen employee applicants on the basis of their religious or spiritual convictions.”


Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress had this to say about this discriminatory policy:

“Donald Trump and Brian Sandoval are clearly out of touch with Nevadans. Nevadans do not want their hard earned tax dollars going to support discriminatory policies like this school supports. It is unacceptable that these are the types of schools that would benefit from the unconstitutional voucher program supported by the Governor and other politicians in Nevada. These are the types of policies that we have come to expect from the party of Trump and it is unacceptable.”