STATEMENT on Resignation of Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT on Resignation of Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle


CONTACTS: Maria-Teresa Liebermann, 702-235-7104,

Kait Krolik, 585-978-1482,  


CARSON CITY, NV — Following today’s resignation of Nevada Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle, Battle Born Progress Executive Director Annette Magnus released the following statement:

“We commend Assembly Leadership for taking swift and decisive action; it is clear that the Legislature has established a policy that takes cases of harassment seriously, and that this policy has been effective. This is yet another example of appalling behavior on the part of an elected official. Nevadans will not tolerate abuse by powerful men who do not understand the meaning of the word “no.” We’re glad he made this choice; he made the right decision for the people of Nevada. We remain steadfast in our belief that abusers have no place in the progressive movement or the political environment, and that they must be rooted out and exposed for what they are. We will continue to be consistent in our stance on this issue.”