STATEMENT Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order to Review National Monuments - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order to Review National Monuments

STATEMENT Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order to Review National Monuments


Contact: Annette Magnus, & Maria-Teresa Liebermann,

LAS VEGAS – President Trump and Secretary Zinke announced an executive order directing the Department of the Interior to review lands that have been protected under the Antiquities Act. Nevada Conservation League and Battle Born Progress released the following statement:

“This is an attack on the work done by past presidents, both Democrat and Republican, to protect our country’s natural history. It is also an attack on our country’s cultural history. Many monuments including Gold Butte, Bears Ears, or Canyon of the Ancients, were established to protect our history. Instead of destroying the work done to protect our natural legacy, our heritage, and cultural history we should continue to protect the sites that tell the natural and cultural history of America,” said Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League.

“Nevadans support their public lands and legislators here in Nevada are feeling the pressure to ensure our lands are protected and are working in a bipartisan manner to do so. Recently, three pro-public lands bills passed with bipartisan support. AJR 13, expressing support for the Antiquities Act and support for Gold Butte and Basin and Range, passed the Assembly. SB 413 which would establish Public Lands Day in Nevada, passed out of the Nevada Senate and Assembly Bill 277, that will further protect our state’s National Conservation Areas passed the Assembly. This is a stark contrast to what is happening at the national level but we are prepared to protect our lands. We are going to continue defending the lands we’ve already protected in Nevada like Gold Butte and Basin and Range.”

“Protecting our public lands is an American tradition and it is frustrating that right after this administration received yet another defeat on one of their other sham Executive Orders, President Trump and Secretary Zinke are pandering to Bundy sympathizers like Orrin Hatch, Rob Bishop, Adam Laxalt, and Dean Heller with this order that is the direct antithesis of what Nevadans actually want,” said Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress.

“It’s deeply ironic that late last week, Zinke and the Department of the Interior put out a report on the economic benefits of our public lands, including supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. We expect our entire congressional delegation to stand with the 81% of Nevadans that support our public lands and want to keep their National Monuments. If any of our representatives in Washington D.C. don’t stand with the overwhelming majority of people in their state, Nevadans will hold them accountable in 2018. Antiquities is our heritage. If this is a fight the administration wants, this is a fight we’re ready for, and will win.”

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