STATEMENT Regarding Progressive Victory Over Vouchers - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT Regarding Progressive Victory Over Vouchers

STATEMENT Regarding Progressive Victory Over Vouchers


Contact: Annette Magnus, & Maria-Teresa Liebermann,

LAS VEGAS – Tonight, vouchers and the Trump/DeVos agenda were dealt a final blow by the Nevada Legislature by keeping public money in our public schools. Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus released the following statement:

Tonight we celebrate the fact that legislators put a stop to moving forward with a dangerous Trump/DeVos voucher scheme in Nevada. We are thankful that the Legislature put the needs of all of Nevada’s children before the needs of a few by keeping our public money in our public schools. This is a major victory for Nevadans and the coalition of organizations that have fought tirelessly against this failed and dangerous voucher scheme since its inception.Throughout this session, Nevadans made their voices heard through phone calls to their legislators, testimony, petitions, and even showing up on a Saturday at the Legislative Building to hold legislators accountable for this and other critical issues like approving the Capital Improvements Bill and Marijuana Tax.

This victory sends a clear message to the nation that Nevada will not stand to be an experimental playground for an extreme right-wing agenda. We thank our coalition partners that fought this fight alongside us, and we thank the Democrats for holding the line and standing up to keep public money in public schools.”


Coalition partners will be available on June 5 at 12 p.m. in front of the Legislative Building