STATEMENT Regarding Shootings in Virginia and San Francisco - Battle Born Progress
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STATEMENT Regarding Shootings in Virginia and San Francisco


Contact: Natalie Hernandez, & Annette Magnus,

RENO – Following today’s shootings in Virginia and San Francisco, Battle Born Progress released the following statement:

Battle Born Progress Gun Violence Prevention Organizer, Natalie Hernandez states, “In the early morning hours of today, at least five people, including the Majority Whip of the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise; were shot by a lone shooter in Virginia. Shortly after, two are dead and four are injured in the second mass shooting of the day in San Francisco, CA. We are devastated for those involved and their loved ones. These shootings are the 154th and 155th mass shootings this year. And with 93 people dying of gun violence every day, it is clear that there’s a gun violence epidemic in this country that must be addressed.

It is important to note that many states recognize June as Gun Violence Awareness Month and some states, like Nevada, are working to address this epidemic. Governor Brian Sandoval just signed Senate Bill 124 which will help keep guns away from people like the Virginia shooter that are intent on harming others. We need to make sure that senseless gun violence no longer plagues the streets of America and the lives of American citizens. Whether you’re a representative or a regular American, no one is immune to the dangers that come with shootings. No matter what political party you belong to or where you come from, we all have the right to feel safe. It is our duty to protect and heal each other. We pray for a swift recovery for the lives that were harmed during today’s senseless attacks on our democracy and in San Francisco and we hope that everyone will come together to help stop gun violence.”  

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