STATEMENT Regarding Thousand Oaks Shooting - Battle Born Progress
Newly elected officials need to say enough to gun violence
Thousand Oaks Shooting
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STATEMENT Regarding Thousand Oaks Shooting


Newly elected officials need to say enough to gun violence

Las Vegas, NV – Only a month after we mourned the one year anniversary of the October 1 shooting, another senseless mass shooting occurs under similar circumstances. In Thousand Oaks, California, 12 people were killed at a crowded country music bar. At least 30 of the people in attendance were survivors of the October 1 shooting. Gun violence in America has become more prevalent and our communities are looking for answers.

Battle Born Progress Executive Director, Annette Magnus released the following statement:

“The shooting in Thousand Oaks is both heartbreaking and infuriating. Another act of gun violence has left a permanent mark on a community; a community that has been trying to heal after the October 1 shooting. Every single day our country is affected by the lack of inaction to address gun violence. Schools, movie theaters, concerts no longer feel safe. Individuals are falling victim to multiple mass shootings. It is past time for change. After Tuesday night’s election, we hope gun violence prevention is at the top of the priority list for those newly elected or re-elected. We ask every single one of our elected officials to say enough and work together for common-sense gun safety that will protect our communities.”