Tell Dean Heller: Repeal The Trump Tax - Battle Born Progress
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For Tax Day, remind Heller who he really works for!


Late last year, Senator Heller voted to pass one of the most historically unpopular pieces of legislation in history, the Trump Tax Scam. This plan was written by and for the richest Americans and wealthy corporations, not working families. The majority of American households will pay more in taxes by 2027 and $1.8 trillion will be added to national debt over the next ten years.


In addition, by repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, the Trump Tax will strip Nevadans of access to affordable health care and Republicans in Congress have already proposed cutting funding for Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and public education to pay for it.


Senator Heller boasts about this legislation as a positive accomplishment. It’s time that Senator Heller stop hiding in his echo chamber of wealthy donors and face his constituents to learn what they really think of the Trump Tax Scam. Join us this year for Tax Day by adding your name and sending a message to Heller that Nevadans are NOT buying it!

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