Trump’s New Budget is Dangerous for Nevada Families - Battle Born Progress
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Trump’s New Budget is Dangerous for Nevada Families

Reno, NV – President Donald Trump released a budget blueprint that continues his administration’s assault on working families by gutting health care, nutrition assistance, and many other important programs Nevadans rely on. Battle Born Progress released the following statement:

Battle Born Progress Northern Nevada Organizer, Natalie Hernandez states, “President Trump’s budget is a direct attack on hardworking Americans. We expect this budget to outline deep cuts to programs like Medicaid, nutrition assistance, affordable housing programs, Social Security disability benefits, unemployment insurance, home heating assistance, and Head Start. These drastic cuts prove that Trump does not care about the health care and the wellbeing of Americans. Trump continues to ignore voters across party lines who agree that they do not want to see Medicaid, housing, and nutrition assistance cut. Instead, Trump chooses to appease the wealthiest people and corporations. This anti-American budget cuts funding from programs that families in Nevada and across the country rely on to make ends meet, in order to pay for his massive tax cuts for the 1%. The cuts and constant threats to our healthcare and critical programs Nevadans rely on MUST stop. Now it’s time to see whether or not our congressional delegation, especially Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Mark Amodei will do anything to help the Nevadans that will be hurt by this horrendous budget.