VIDEO: Patients call for free coronavirus vaccine on ‘No Profiteering Off Pandemic’ Day of Action - Battle Born Progress
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VIDEO: Patients call for free coronavirus vaccine on ‘No Profiteering Off Pandemic’ Day of Action


VIDEO: Patients call for free coronavirus vaccine on ‘No Profiteering Off Pandemic’ Day of Action

In response to inaction by the administration and big pharma, patients demand any future developed vaccine be free

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LAS VEGAS, NV –  Today, several Nevada patients are recording video messages calling on President Trump and HHS (Health and Human Services) Secretary Alex Azar to ensure that any newly developed coronavirus drugs will be affordable for all by denying Big Pharma corporations’ monopoly power to set prices on a vaccine or treatment.

Close to $1 billion taxpayer dollars –and billions more to follow — fund new research into coronavirus treatments and vaccines, yet the Trump Administration has taken no action to safeguard that drugs developed with publicly funded research will be affordable for everyone.  Instead, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, a former drug corporate executive, has refused to guarantee that the vaccine will be affordable, citing concerns about drug corporations’ investments.

A complete listing of all of the ‘No Profiteering Off Pandemic’ Day of Action activities is available at

Cindy Sturgis, from North Las Vegas, said:

“Alex Azar is a former drug company executive and refused to promise that any developed vaccine would be free to Americans. We know that we cannot trust big pharmaceutical companies based on price gouging in the past. Time and again, we’ve seen drug corporations use their monopoly power to set their prices sky-high & out of reach for average Americans. When it comes to finding a coronavirus vaccine, the Trump administration should reject business as usual.” 

Kimi Cole, from Carson Valley, said:

“It’s difficult for me to afford the basic medications I need with fluctuating supply sources and varying pricing. With this uncertainty, I am horrified at what a new vaccination might cost… Instead of giving these corporations monopoly power to set the price for life-saving drugs, we need clear guardrails on any licensing agreement to ensure affordable access for all who need the vaccine.”

Davene Kaplan, from Reno, said: 

“I just went on Medicare and the drugs that I currently take that were costing me around $400 a year for all my medications, because my health plan could collectively bargain and negotiate for lower drug prices, but on Medicare, they can’t. Now the same drugs are costing me over $6,000 a year… we need free coronavirus testing and vaccines.” 

Spokespeople in Spanish or English are available for individual interviews.